This week's Rock Band Network recommendations come to you from the ladies of Harmonix. Pay attention: these ladies know how to rock.

All That Remains - “For We Are Many”
This is the debut track from Rock Band alums, All That Remains’ latest record, also of the same name. Fun fact: these dudes are from Massachusetts. Local love. Also this track is pretty slick.

Kataklysm - “Numb & Intoxicated”
With lyrics like “the more you scream the louder I get” this band’s second RBN track is a veritable maelstrom of death metal goodness. Hardcore drummers will bemoan their aching feet after trying to keep up with Max Duhamel. - HMXThrasher, Community Moderator

Jonny Craig - "I Still Feel Her, Part III"
A wandering guitar part and the strong vocals make this my new favorite RBN song from a band I'd never heard of before.

All That Remains - “For We Are Many”
I know HMXThrasher recommended this song already, but I can't recommend All That Remains enough. Yet another band I'd never heard of before Rock Band and now they're releasing songs off their brand new album through RBN. Every song is awesome, and "For We Are Many" is a great first single off the new album.

The Early Strike - "Shut Up"
This song is upbeat and fun, and for some reason reminds me of high school. But in a good way. - HMXcj, Web Editor

Free Electric State - "Linear A"
I don't think I've ever sung about ancient Crete before, but there's a first time for everything. Linear A is the script used in Minoan Crete, and "Linear A" is Free Electric State's second time out on the RBN. This is at least as strong as their first piece ("Six Is One") and I recommend it with equal verve. Shirlé Hale has distinctive, strong vocals, David Koslowski and Nick Williams play guitar with high enthusiasm, and Tony Stigliz tears it up with a five-dot drum part that deserves particular attention from drummers stalking a challenge.

The Parlotones - "Life Design"
Ever hear of The Parlotones? If you're in South Africa, you have - because they've sold more albums there than Oasis, The Killers, or Snow Patrol. They've received accolades all over Europe, and their sound has been compared to Radiohead or Coldplay. "Life Design" comes from their latest platinum album Stardust Galaxies. It's an alternative song that mingles grandeur, solemnity, and joy. Give it a try when you want to play for the feel of playing a great song instead of playing for the challenge of playing a hard one. - HMXLachesis, Web QA Tester

HMXthebeststeph’s RBN Alien Conquest Playlist.
Based on the recent NASA news that our planet will soon be taken over by arsenic-based lifeforms, here are a handful of songs to get you in the mood for alien domination.


Noooo!!!!!!, I love "Life Design" - The Parlotones!!, ("Push Me to the Floor" is much better), but I'll have a Playstation 3!!!!