We have a variety of recommendations for you from around the Rock Band Network, featuring tracks from Kittie and Evanescence, Comeback Kid and Judy Buendía y Los Impostores, as well as your first chance to sing the vuvuzela part in a Rock Band song.

Nonpoint - "Alive and Kicking"
I'm so happy to see another track from Nonpoint's To The Pain album in RBN ("Bullet With A Name" came out a couple of weeks ago). "Alive and Kicking" is a great breakup song and super-fun to sing. Warning: there are a lot of words in this song and they go by really quickly. Take a deep breath and hope for the best.

Evanescence - "Going Under"
As a female Rock Band singer, there's nothing more thrilling in Rock Band than nailing songs by Evanescence, Pat Benatar, or No Doubt on Expert vocals. "Going Under" is especially satisfying, as it spans a wide octave range. It also doesn't hurt that I have probably sung this song along with the car radio hundreds of times.

A Day To Remember - "Have Faith In Me"
As a new A Day To Remember fan (having only started listening to them after HMXThrasher's interview with the band), I'm psyched to see another one of my favorite songs of theirs show up in RBN. "Have Faith In Me" is a bit mellower than their other Rock Band tracks, but no less fun. - HMXcj, Web Editor

Gang Of Four - "A Fruit Fly in the Beehive"
This is a track from the post punk legends forthcoming new album Content. Gang Of Four still retains their sparse melodic vibe and rhythm on this song. Why should you care? Because Gang Of Four are one of the most important bands to ever emerge from 1977. To this day I’m hoping for a RBN release of the entire Entertainment! album.

Portugal. The Man - "Do You"
What do Portugal The Man and Sarah Palin have in common? They both hail from Wasilla, Alaska and happily that’s where the comparison ends.

This track is off of the Satanic Satanist album. Its melodies and arty pop hooks will infiltrate your brain and leave you humming the chorus all day (“did you find your fear?”). Store next to your Pixies and Radiohead albums. Killer song. - Jason Kendall, RBN Producer

Cate Sparks - "Angels We Have Heard on High"
Cate Sparks ("Whatever Happened To You") returns to the Rock Band Network with this guitar-heavy rock version of the familiar holiday hit (with a mellow reggae bridge). This version was recorded specifically for Rock Band. Don't worry about Cate singing too high for you - she keeps this in a comfortable lower register that shouldn't be too challenging for most Rock Band singers.

Rosaline - "Model Ships"
This is the first punk song I've ever heard that references Rayleigh scattering. (Actually, I think it's the first song I've ever heard that references Rayleigh scattering. It's certainly the first one on the RBN.) The lyrics are dark and intelligent, the guitar is upbeat and sorrowful by turns, and the drums are punk. If that sounds good to you, give "Rosaline" a try. - - HMXLachesis, Web QA Tester

Comeback Kid - "Do Yourself a Favor"
I’m a bit out of the loop on what Comeback Kid have been up to lately, but their first album didn’t leave my rotation for a solid year. This track is from their second album with their new singer, and while his vocals come off a lot more raw than what I’ve been used to with this band, that may be a plus for you depending on your preference. It’s great to see that the guitars and drums haven’t missed a step though. The breakdown about 30 seconds in stands up against anything else Victory records has put out in the last 10 years, and that’s saying something! - HMXHenry, Community Manager

Morgawr - "Herlathing"
I'm a fan of big, epic songs, so when the nine-and-a-half minute mammoth that is "Herlathing" appeared, I knew I had to check it out. The long journey starts with a moody chorus that gradually builds up in speed until the guitarist bursts out into an absolutely insane solo that serves as the climax before slowing back down to where the song began. It's tons of fun to play, and it doesn't hurt that the song is great as well. The best part is, the rest of the album is on the way, so there will be plenty of Morgawr to love in the coming months. I can't wait! - Xenigma, RBN community

Judy Buendía y Los Impostores - "Me Elevas"
Spanish reggae. That alone makes it awesome. Judy has a beautiful voice, and the song is amazing on vocals because of it. The guitar solo, while simple, is pretty sweet-sounding. The song overall is easy (except maybe vocals, especially if you don't speak Spanish), but it's an amazing song regardless, and another example of great Spanish language music that I hope to see more of. - Arcanon, RBN community

The Last Good Year - "Lipstick Cigarette"
This song has taken forever to come out, but it was definitely worth the wait! With chorus vocals that'll be stuck in your head forever and awesome instrumentation all around, this rock n' roll anthem is one for the ages! Not only that, but it's an absolute steal at 80MSP/$0.99! Also, if you're a moderate drummer like I am, whom can't pass crazy insane songs yet, I think that you'll enjoy this song most on drums. It's moderately simple, but has enough changes and fills throughout to be a really really fun experience. Thumbs up, The Last Good Year and Rhythm Authors! - Freen in Green, RBN community

Strayplay - "Vuvuzela Anthem"
You sing the vuvuzela. You SING the VUVUZELA. I could go on about the slick guitar, funky bass, and the bongo solo, but really if the first sentence didn't convince you to at least check it out, there's probably nothing else I could say to make that happen.

Rainbowdragoneyes - "Creatures Ov Deception"
I recently and randomly (okay, it was probably because of VVVVVV) got on a chiptunes kick. And I found out there's rock bands that use chiptunes as the core of their sound. And then Rainbowdragoneyes appeared and I found out there's metal bands that do the same thing. And I found out that it actually works. And I found out that it's really really tough to play. So if you like those really really tough songs, here you go. - FairwoodStudios, RBN community

I Am King Tony - "Stereo Stereo"
This is an amazing example of the RBN and the Rock Band forums. You get a frequent poster in the forums who loves the game so much that he writes a tune, and then another awesome member of the community authors the song to get it in the game. That is really awesome, and the song is pretty good as well! - ASPRon, RBN community

Kittie - "The Truth"
Kittie is one of those bands that people either love or hate. Guess which side I'm on? I mean, where else can you get these beautiful melodic female vocals, and then a few seconds later a growl? From the same singer no less? (Yes, that was a compliment.) With "The Truth," Kittie continues to show why they're one of the best female fronted metal bands that you've probably never heard before.

Sonata Arctica - "Flag in the Ground"
For all you screaming power metal fans out there wondering "Where Iz Teh Dragonforce?!," "Flag in the Ground" should tide you over just nicely. With blistering guitar solos that might just light your plastic guitars on fire, and those power metal vocals that reach pitches that might shatter your TV, Flag in the Ground is a song you really shouldn't pass up. - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN community


@Chuy1210 Not true. RBN is available in many regions outside the US. If XNA is available to you, you can buy RBN tracks.

Soooo..... if I don't live in the USA i can't download any of these right? That's just sad =(

@Lelskiin: Blame Sony. They set a 5-song limit on what can be ported every week. Our first song on the RBN picks (Rainbowdragoneyes), and my first recommendation published. This is awesome. :)

Why?!, Why?!, Why not for PS3?!, WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!.