Check out this week's recommendations from Harmonix employees and RBN Community members!

"Elevator" - Kingsize (Rock)

I have a bit of a reputation for loving an endless procession of genre-hyphenates: give me my progressive-industrial-jazz-metal and I'm a happy camper! So it comes as a bit of a surprise how much I got hooked on this song in playtest, since it has simply one genre: ROCK. It ain't Indie, Classic, or even Hard, just ROCK. And that's the bottom line here: it's a traditional 4-piece outfit that simply rocks out from start to finish. Every player does exactly what their quintessential role requires, with no showy flash or commercial gimmick for the sake of being a critical darling on a smug blog: solid through and through. - Markleford, RBN Community

"Right to the Apex" - Single White Infidel (Punk)

If you like the Dead Kennedys, you'll LOVE this! The drums are probably my favorite part of this; they're incredibly catchy, fun to play, and pretty challenging (to an average drummer like myself), but don't count out the other instruments. The guitar's got a pretty awesome progression, and the bass is solid too. Last but not least, the vocals are a challenge and a half! Good luck to the vocalists who try this one. Lastly, this is one of the shorter Single White Infidel songs as well; so if you're someone who likes short but sweet songs, this is definitely for you. Did I mention that it turns your hair into a mohawk before the end of the song? (Editor's note: mohawk not guaranteed.) - FreenInGreen, RBN Community

"999,999 Girls!" - Kiss the Girl (Pop-Rock)

For a while, I'd look at this song, look at the lyrics, and just know. I knew the moment I actually listened to it, it'd be stuck in my head for months. And since I first had that fear back in August, I'd say it's officially valid now. This is one of those songs that just won't get out of your brain, but it's also a solid piece to play, while not so hard that you remember those missed-note sounds in between the catchy hooks. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

"Girlfriend" - Shy Nobleman (Alternative)

Personally, I would've put this under Pop-Rock, since it has that harmony and hook-filled Beach Boys vibe. It's not exactly surprising that this was a hit in Shy Nobleman's home country of Israel, since it could have easily bit a hit just about anywhere. Sure, not everyone can relate to the lyrics, but just about anyone can enjoy the bouncy music. And it's always nice to see a pop song end with a Big Rock Ending-worthy jam. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

"Chilly Water (Live)" - Widespread Panic (Rock)

A classic Widespread Panic track, back in an extra long live form. It sounds great, and its fairly dense guitar solos will be a blast to play for anyone who enjoys complex melodic jams. It even has a drum solo! - HMXMisterGame, RBN Senior Producer

"Warmachine" - The Sex Generals (Metal)

Hey guys, HMXJohnD here. "Warmachine" is a song near and dear to my heart and a tune that you should click through and buy RIGHT NOW! Why’s that? Well not only is it an amalgam of talent from Penny Arcade (Tycho) and Harmonix (H& and myself from The Main Drag), and not only is it a proto-metal epic about wizard-controlled robots fighting in a post-apocalyptic world, and NOT ONLY is based on the really amazing table-top game of the same name by our friends over at privateer press, ALL OF THE SALES PROCEEDS GO TO HELP SICK KIDS! 

The song was commissioned at last year’s Child’s Play Charity Banquet and Privateer Press have promised that all proceeds will be given back to the gaming charity, focused on donations to Children’s Hospitals. So go buy it now! Or do you hate kids? AND LOVE BEING A JERK?

Or whatnot. - HMXJohnD, Manager of Communications

And now, a very special set of picks from HMXthebeststeph:
HMXthebeststeph’s Top Picks, this week based solely on awesome band/song name!

Graveyard BBQ - "BBQ Nation" (Metal) – A graveyard seems like the BEST place for a BBQ! Nothing fishy could possibly happen… queue horror music.
Yesternight's Decision  - "Dying Wish of a Living Man" (Rock) – Who in the what now?
The Sex Generals  - "Warmachine" (Metal) – I am behind any band called “The Sex Generals.” 
Steam Powered Giraffe  - "Electricity is in My Soul" (Rock) – Steam is powering the giraffe, but they write about electricity! They have it all.