HMX Desks: A Peaceful Garden


As we’ve mentioned before, some HMXers have personalities that literally spill out into their workspaces. One such employee is Playtest Coordinator Jyllian T. As anyone that’s been to Harmonix to playtest knows, Jyllian has a very calming personality.  It’s only natural that she has cultivates one of the most relaxing workspaces in the office. We stopped by to chat with Jyllian and take a break in the mini-garden. 

Solar-powered figure in the garden

Jyllian works in a large office with The Hellion, Brett Milano, and two other playtest team members. It’s a busy place, and other coworkers like to stop by for a chat, admire the garden and rest for a minute before moving along. Jyllian says at times she takes a break to sit near the garden and gaze at the plants when her day gets extra crazy.

The garden started as just a few little plants and quickly grew into a table-full of growing green things, figurines, a small bubbling fountain and even wildlife. Jyllian and her officemates take care of a blue beta fish named Buddy Holly and also have an ecosphere inhabited by brine shrimp. 

The plants came from various places – some Jyllian brought from home. Others were cuttings of plants in other departments – one from QA, another from our Administration Director, Kris. Jyllian spreads the love by sharing cuttings from those plants with other people in the company. Unlike Shari’s plants, Jyllian’s don’t have names – there are just too many of them to keep up with. In case you’re wondering, most of them are graptoverias, although there are some aloe plants and a cactus too. 

Also living in the garden are several figurines, one of which is solar powered just like the moving flower on Shari’s desk. 

Drawer-ful of tea and monkey picked tea

Another interesting part of Jyllian’s office is her filing cabinet. While at other companies filing cabinets are filled with important paperwork and legal documents, in Jyllian’s office the filing cabinet is filled with snacks. The entire top drawer is filled with different kinds of tea, including Monkey Picked Tea (which is exactly what it sounds like – tea leaves picked by trained monkeys). Jyllian has a little red teapot to go with her drawer-full of tea and can be seen toting the teapot and matching teacup to meetings and playtest sessions. She even has a personalized Sack Boy made by the immensely creative and talented web team member Milo. And her “Sack Jyllian” has its own little red teapot to complete the resemblance. 

"Sack Jyllian" and the teapot

Stay tuned to the ‘Zine for more behind-the-scenes looks at Harmonix HQ. 

Jyllian's Desk