HMX Desks: Action Figures, Yo! MTV Raps Cards, and a Straitjacket – the Perfect Workspace


HMXaleX is a publicist for Harmonix and part of the community and PR team, meaning he goes to gaming events, talks about Harmonix games, and gets to play Rock Band in exciting places (like QVC!). Alex tells us, “my desk is predominantly dominated by Street Fighter paraphernalia. I was always a big action figure collector as a youth, and that’s continued on into adulthood at a slightly ridiculous pace.”

Street Fighter action figures

All the action figures are on his desk here at Harmonix because he has nowhere to display them properly at home. They include a pretty awesome Cobra Commander Mighty Mug and a little vinyl figure called Bossy Bear. Bossy Bear is a cartoon that Alex says, “is just a bear who is incredibly bossy. I think he’s sort of the cartoon representation of my Id, I guess. So that’s how I related to him.”

Cobra Commander and Bossy Bear

Among the other random articles on Alex’s desk are a toy gator that swallowed babies, Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu, and the same epic Brutal Legend statue that HMXVeng had on his desk.


Baby-eating Gator

Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu

A surprising set of items on his desk are Left 4 Dead 2 postcards right next to some Yo! MTV Raps trading cards. The L4D2 postcards were a promo item, and are extremely appropriate as Harmonix L4D2 tournaments are frequent. But the Yo! MTV Raps trading cards – which may seem out of place, considering Yo! MTV Raps went off the air in 1995 - were a gift from deskmate HMXHenry. Everyone needs Heavy D and the Boys, Young MC, and Vanilla Ice on their desk at work.

Left 4 Dead 2 postcards and Yo! MTV Raps trading cards

“I do have one kind of awesome thing…” Alex tells us before pulling a real straight jacket from under his desk. “It’s a straitjacket that was a promotional item from Arkham Asylum. It has my name on it.” And indeed it does say A. Navarro, as if he’s an Arkham patient on the loose. We had a surprisingly trusting HMXPope model the lovely jacket for us, with HMXaleX standing guard. So if HMXPope isn’t replying to your support ticket, odds are he agreed to model the straitjacket again.

HMXPope modeling HMXaleX’s Arkham Asylum straitjacket

We have more HMX Desks stories coming your way, including our first video desk tour featuring…the entire community and PR team!