HMXers' First Concerts: Part III

We continue our four-part series looking at HMXers’ first concerts with some missed opportunities and some parental guidance. Several of us had missed first concert experiences. The stories start with, “I was supposed to see so-and-so…” and the frustration is almost palpable while reading them. Be sure to check out Part I covering the legendary artists we’ve seen as first concerts.

  • “My first failed attempt to sneak out of the house was to try and see Faith No More in Fitchburg. I was probably 14 or so, and my mother had claimed it was ‘too far away.’ To the day this is all I know about Fitchburg. I still consider it my first show sometimes because it was the first one that I ever paid money for and didn't show up at. Shamefully there have been many more, and I never saw Faith No More live.” – Rachel Johnson, Administrative assistant
  • “It was supposed to be Metallica in April of 1992. My grades weren't good enough, so my parents withheld my ticket, and I oh-so-defiantly blared the band's entire discography in my room that night. When I did finally see Metallica two years later, I had the luxury of an acquaintance in the fan club that shared his front row seats and backstage passes with me. Worth the wait, to say the least!” – Rob Weychert, Artist
  • “My mom saw Neil Young at eight-and-a-half months pregnant, and I think that counts.” – Jyllian Thibodeau, Playtest assistant
  • “My first live rock show was supposed to be a Peter Gabriel concert in late 1993. My mom was going with my aunts and some friends, and one of them backed out at the last minute so they asked me if I wanted to go. I loved ‘Sledgehammer’ and ‘Steam’ so I jumped at the chance, and rushed to change out of my pajamas. Apparently I took too long to change, and they gave the extra ticket away to someone else that called them in the meantime. I was crushed.” – HMXHenry, Associate manager, community 

The generation gap never seems wider than it does when discussing music with your parents. Some of us were unlucky enough to have our first concert experience stolen by our parents.

  • “Unfortunately, my first live concert was a free concert that I attended with my mom when I was pretty young. It was a disco-style cover band that I believe was called Disco Inferno. They played classics such as ‘Play That Funky Music’ and ‘Brick House’ among other disco faves, forever opening my eyes to the magic of live music performances.” – Ben Currier, Manufacturing analyst
  • “I got dragged to see Johnathan Butler with my parents when I was in middle school. I hated it. I was on a really short leash growing up.” – Jessica Taylor, Artist
  • “My very first concert experience was pretty cool. My parents took me and my sister to see James Taylor. They always played his music when I was growing up, and at the age of seven. I was confused that he wasn't performing the same way as his cassette tape and argued with my parents whether or not it was really him. Regardless of 'this imposter's' new versions of JT's hits, the show was amazing, and I finally gave into my parent's explanation of performance.” – Dan Crislip, Composer / Sound designer
  • “I saw Lionel Richie when I was little, because my parents couldn't find a sitter, so they brought me along. I apparently complained the whole time, which isn't too different from what would happen if I went to that show now. The next year, I saw New Kids on the Block with Tiffany. My dad complained the whole time. Fair enough.” – Jyllian Thibodeau, Playtest assistant

Did you miss what was supposed to be your first concert? Did Mom drag you to a lame concert? Share your tales of woe in the comments, and stay tuned for Part IV, which features some very special stories.