I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

You are now reading the blog of Harmonix'snewest Associate Producer and Writer. As an associate producer I'll be working withHelen on downloadable content, making sure you get your fix of new songs on aregular basis. As a writer I'll be providing content for, makingsome of our press releases sound less business and more Harmonix, and of courseproviding game content. Although I will miss the library (it's being taken overby the very capable and awesome Shari and Jyllian) I am super excited to bemoving onto new things.The Friday before last, Oct. 5, we had a few visitors in theoffice.

Jonathan Coulton came in to play Rock Band along with Paul & Storm. Jonathanspent some time at our PAX booth where Sean, DanT, and Matt Kelly got to hangout with him, see his show, and fill me with jealousy. (Thanks for texting methat picture Dan!) So I was pretty happy when Matt invited him to come visitour offices when he was in town.Meeting Paul and Storm was also completely awesome but fordifferent reasons. It didn't occur to me until halfway through their set atJohnny D's that night that they were Paul and Storm from DaVinci's Notebook whoI've seen live three times (don't ask how that little detail escaped me). Theywere absolutely hilarious and even though I broke my toe that morning I didn'tmind standing for the entire show. I think I laughed so hard during both setsthat my toe decided to give me a break.

Of course while he was in the office we asked Jonathan abouthis song for Orange Box, but he couldn't tell us what it was since the gamehadn't been released yet. Thankfully I got to see the credits this weekend.Awesome!

Before they left we gave all the guys Rock Band shirts andof course lots of soda. Paul wore his shirt for part of the show and Jonathangave us a shout out, which felt amazing. It's weird and nice to be in a positionwhere people whose stuff you like also like the stuff that you work on. Thanks for coming in guys!