Informational Post

The name came about because someone misspelled 'weekly' in an email once and stuck. Since there are so many of us (about 118 at last count) we order A LOT of food. And right now we don't actually all fit in the Freq Pit sitting down so people will end up spilling into nearby offices and attempt to eat neatly so as not mess up anyone's desk.

This week we had Bertucci's pasta and desert. They makes awesome cake-like things (tiramisu, crème brule cheesecake, etc.) which was important because we had 4 birthdays this week. On weeks when anyone has had a birthday we buy cakes and announce it to the whole company which alternately makes people feel cared about and gives their co-workers the opportunity to make fun of them for getting older. On non-birthday weeks we have cookies, but those are few and far between.

The Freq Pit has two counters in and we put the same food on each so that the line goes faster. If there isn't enough room, since one counter is shorter than the other we'll put the vegetarian option on only one side.

After everyone has gotten their food and had a chance to eat Alex will start the meeting part of Weely. He'll make companywide announcements and then each producer will give project reports, after the project reports we'll have random announcements and the reading of the birthdays.

So that's it. A relatively mellow update but now you know more Secrets of the Game Developers.