Bold as Hendrix: Axis: Bold as Love Album Coming for DLC

HMXKat works on the PR/Community Team. You can find her singing "Bleeder" with her band Alchemilla, in Rock Band Network. She has been listening to Jimi Hendrix since she was in the womb. Say hello to her at PAX East.

As a child, I thought “Castles Made of Sand” was just another song parents sang to their kids before bed. At twelve, I found my mom and dad’s Jimi Hendrix albums and took a closer listen to the lyrics. The songs weren’t at all lullaby material, but being on the edge of middle school, they were just what I was looking for. Naturally, I decided I wanted to learn to play guitar. A lefty, I started learning the Hendrix way since I only had my mom’s right handed acoustic to mess around with. Like many at that age, I fell in love with Jimi’s music. When I noticed “If 6 Was 9” playing in the background of the movie Point Break, I went out and bought the soundtrack the next day. (A roundabout way of getting more Hendrix into my life for sure, but Bodhi was HOTTT.) 

By the time I turned fifteen I was singing back up in a band with a few dudes from school. My first gig with them was a coffee-house night at a local church. We played a couple of Hendrix covers, but only one of them had background vocals. Thrilled to be onstage, I poured on some Motown sass for the backgrounds on “Wait Until Tomorrow” but would have rather been singing lead. I was sure I could capture Jimi’s cooler-than-you singing vibe better than anyone else could. He was slick, confident, and supremely talented, everything Fifteen-Year-Old-Me wanted to be.

A year later in Hartford, I saw Pearl Jam for the first time. It was my first big rock concert and I managed to get up to the front of the stage in front of guitarist, Mike McCready. During the last encore, he wailed out a sparkling, ten minute version of “Little Wing.” Though I had heard the recorded version of that song many times, I’d never heard anyone play it live before. Obviously I would never get to see Jimi play, but as a sixteen-year-old aspiring musician in 1996, it couldn’t have been any better for me. 

Jimi Hendrix has been a consistent, inspirational thread in my musical life, as is the case for countless others. These days I play a proper lefty guitar, and though I’m ok with the fact that I’ll never be anywhere remotely close to the player Hendrix was, rocking out to Axis: Bold As Love in Rock Band is really going to scratch the itch of wishing I could solo like Jimi did. 

This week we're releasing thirteen Jimi Hendrix tracks, including the entire Axis: Bold As Love album. The album will be available as singles and as an album pack. Also available next week is “Valleys of Neptune,” the single from the new album of the same name, which was released March 9 on Legacy Recordings and features never before commercially released Hendrix recordings. 

  • Up From The Skies
  • Spanish Castle Magic
  • Wait Until Tomorrow
  • Ain't No Telling
  • Little Wing
  • If 6 was 9
  • You Got Me Floatin
  • Castles Made of Sand
  • She's So Fine
  • One Rainy Wish
  • Little Miss Lover
  • Bold As Love
  • Valleys of Neptune

These tracks will be available for purchase as the “Axis: Bold As Love Album” pack, as well as individual tracks on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system and as individual tracks only on Wii. The pack will be $19.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The individual tracks will be $1.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and $2.00 on Wii. 

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