Johnny Come Lately

The boombox in question used to live in the freq pit. Since our move someone (probably a dude) decided that instead of having it sit around the freq pit again it would be better served playing music in one of our two men's rooms. It looks there's a CD on the floor behind it. Sean says he'd like to know which CD that is so he doesn't have to touch it. Ever. In his whole life. Harmonix is pretty awesome in that of the 139 employees listed on our directory, 23 are women. I'm not sure how that stands up statistically to the rest of the industry but since this is a post about bathrooms I'm not going to start playing with maths. Last Friday we held an impromptu meeting of about 8 of those women to discuss Sparkle Fridays and how come the dudes have a good bathroom and we don't? The conclusion we came to is that one bathroom ought to be decked out with stereotypical women's bathroom stuff: lotion, powder, hairspray, and maybe a blow dryer, and be known as: The Powder Room. The other bathroom, to be known as "The Johnny" should be covered in pictures and posters of Johnny Depp. With the possible inclusion of some sort of device with a recording of Johnny telling us how awesome we are whenever we enter the room. But where would we get all these pictures? And when would we find time to decorate the bathroom in the middle of crunch? My plan was to go to the mall either Friday or Saturday night, purchase some posters, and hang them up before anyone arrived on Monday. (I didn't have a chance to do this until late Saturday just before the mall was closing and Hot Topic was completely out.) It turns out I didn't have to. The Johnny Depp Fairy visited us sometime on Saturday and sprinkled Johnny all over the place. Check out our ladies room now: This is our products dispenser. It's the major clue in public restrooms that you are in a ladies room. This is our mirror. Please note my mad "not being in seen the mirror while taking the picture" skills. And, last but not least, the back of our door. Johnny in all his rasterized glory. Oh yeah and my friend Mike is awesome. I'm making him pay me a bag of chips to post that. I mean he really is awesome (truth in advertising!) but I want some chips. It's a win win situation.