I can't tell you what it is but when I do finally mention it you will probably be like "that is laaaaaame." Working on the admin side of things often leads to doing a lot of stuff that sounds boring but is nice for the company environment.

Instead I will tell you about my 4th of July weekend. I took the two days following the 4th off in prep for working a lot now and in the near future. It was my friend Shane's b-day on the 5th and since he was headed to NYC and I was headed to Montreal we decided to throw him a party on the 4th. Last for some reason we ended the night by throwing a watermelon into a sewer grate. I'm not sure why we did this but it likely had something to do with the vodka in the watermelon. Since it was such an exciting experience we figured it ought to be repeated. So we bought a watermelon along with hamburgers, hot dogs, portobello mushrooms, and other yummy food stuffs.

I also picked up cake ingredients and twisty black and white candles for the cake. Once decorated it looked like Halloween Midsummer so instead of "happy birthday" we wrote "Happy Julyoween Shane" in black gel on the red frosting. While I was baking the cake Shane decided to carve our hapless watermelon into a Mel-o-Lantern. Scooping out its delicious juicy insides and plopping a fat white candle inside to replace them.

By the time we had grilled in the rain, eaten, sung over Shane's cake, watched a movie, set off fireworks in the fire pit, and drunk a lot it was about 3 a.m. and we had yet to throw offer Mel up to the sewer grate gods. The cold and rain made the prospect less fun than when it was originally conceived, but we had to persevere. Three of us grabbed umbrellas and my friend Jae wrapped himself in a blanket. Now the street the house is on has no street lights and, as you might have guessed, no sewer grates but we didn't know that part when we set out. Our only light was the candle inside Mel. I'm not sure but I think we probably looked if not scary slightly unsettling as the four of us who were stupid committed enough to leave the house walked down the street with umbrellas over us and a lighted Mel-o-Lantern held out in front of us.

When we reached the place where we thought for sure there was a grate and discovered there was none an alternate plan had to be devised. Since it was Shane's birthday he decided that we needed to throw Mel into the lake. So that's what we did (taking the candle out first - it's back on the table, slightly pinker than it used to be).