Anarchy from the UK: Kasabian and Damned DLC Singles

Anglophiles rejoice: this week’s DLC singles include two major underground hits from the UK, recorded a mere quarter-century apart. Not that the Damned, who lead off with 1979’s “Smash It Up,” are a group you’d ever call old and stodgy. But they were the first UK punk band ever to make an album - beating the Clash and the Sex Pistols by months - and they even had Chrissie Hynde in one of their first lineups. Originally on their third album Machine Gun Etiquette, “Smash It Up” was an anthem on both sides of the Atlantic - though it got banned by the BBC, who weren’t too comfortable with songs advocating anarchy. Maybe they missed the Damned’s underlying sense of humor: your humble editor has loved this song for decades, and never realized that the line “You can keep your Krishna burgers” was in there!

Kasabian just raised some eyebrows at home when they declared that the UK was ready for a new superstar band to take over Oasis’ niche - namely, themselves. Their claim of being the UK’s biggest current band may well be correct, though, as their third album got a huge buzz over the past summer.  “Club Foot” however goes back to the debut, where they staked out their mix of Brit-pop melody and trippy psychedelia. Released as their second single, it leapt into the UK charts at #19 despite getting almost no airplay. When they learned of this, the band immediately threw a party, which apparently continues to this day.

These tracks will be available on Xbox 360 and Wii on November 10th for $1.99 each, and on PlayStation 3 on November 12th for $2.00 each.