Kings of Leon DLC Three-Pack

They sucked at being house painters, so they started a rock & roll band instead! The world is better for it, and so is Rock Band: Kings of Leon hit the game this week, with three of the songs that are currently making them one of the hugest bands in America. “Molly’s Chambers” is a flashback to their 2003 debut album, when only the real hipsters were into them. And from their latest, “Crawl” and “Sex on Fire” are both relationship songs, one straight from the heart and one from somewhere else. As the band explains, “Crawl” is about taking relationships for granted while “Sex on Fire” is about, well what the title says. “There’s always been an element of sex in our music, co I thought I’d wrap it up in one song and be done with sex for the rest of the record,” singer Caleb Folliwell explains. 

Formed by three brothers and a cousin in Nashville, the Followill boys - guitarists Caleb and Matthew, bassist Jared and drummer Nathan - changed the whole idea of what Southern rock sounded like. The jittery rhythms in “Molly’s Chamber” and the bubbling keyboards in “Crawl” are a long way from your old Skynyrd records, but the band’s still unmistakably Dixie-fried.

The past year has seen the band get plenty of big-time magazine coverage and hit the big TV shows, including Saturday Night Live last month. Yet they remain an earthy band, and just a little eccentric as well: How many bands would make sure that all of their album titles (the two represented here are Youth and Young Manhood and Only By the Night) have five syllables?