KISS DLC Three-Pack Featuring Live Tracks

Allll RIGHT, people! (We’re putting on our best Paul Stanley voice here): You wanted the BEST, you got the BEST! Are you ready to ROCK and ROLL?! Cue explosions and power chords…

Yes, it’s a live KISS three-pack this week, featuring the original lineup - Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss - at the first peak of its career. The year was 1975, the latest album was Dressed to Kill, and things were getting hotter all the time. Shows on that tour were recorded for a live album, KISS Alive, and nobody’s adolescence would ever be the same.

All three songs in our package were part of that KISS Alive tracklist. But these are alternate versions, recorded on that tour and newly unearthed from the KISS archives just for you. “Deuce” is from the Wildwood Convention Center in New Jersey, 7/23/75.  “100,000 Years” was from the Orpheum Theater in Davenport, IA, 7/20/75. And “Parasite” comes from one of the most legendary shows on that tour - Cobo Hall in Detroit on 5/16/75 - a show that set new heights of pandemonium. The band already had such loyal fans that an entire high school from nearby Cadillac, MI turned out for the show in KISS makeup!

The KISS story is by no means over; in fact they’ve just wrapped up a new album which they promise will kick major ass. So enjoy this classic stuff while the KISS Army plans the next invasion!