Pepsi Booth E3 Recap

Hey gang, Kyle here again. Last time I was writing for The ‘Zine I was recapping the Harrah’s Total Rock, Total Rewards tourney. This time around I’m stopping by with some choice tidbits from E3 2009.

I was given the prestigious task of overseeing the technical direction for the Pepsi Drink Up, Rock Out Rock Band Performance Stage (henceforth to be known as “the stage”). The stage was designed to help people get videos made for the Drink Up, Rock Out Video Competition (check out for details), it ended up a popular destination for tons of E3 attendees.The XBOX 360 we were using had every track available for Rock Band 2 (700ish at the time) installed so, as you can imagine, there were tons of people hanging out just to jam on their favorite RB tunes.

We also had pretty much the most killer in-house location you could ask for. We were dead center in the South Hall (aka: The Hall of Justice) concourse, right in front of the escalators that lead up to the Show Floor. We may not have been the first thing you saw (that was The Sims 3 Prius) but we were definitely the first thing you heard.

Anyway, enough babbling, on to some highlights!

4 mascots (2 Ubisoft Rabbids, a Tiger, and a Duck) got up on stage and played "We Got The Beat" by the Go-Go's.

On the last day, Batman got up on stage and sang "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. He was awesome. He kept trying to get the kid playing bass to fill the “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” prayer, but that kid was having none of it.

A team of players including Danny Johnson, a Rock Band / rhythm gaming world record holder, hit 2,388,107 points on "Sleepwalker" by Megadeth.

As HMXSean would say, “Worst Rock Band Faces ever.”

Hope's P!nk Sweater, the Pepsi E3 Contest Winners, played on our stage and they were pretty much as fantastic as their band name would lead you to believe. They really know how to put on a Rock Band show. They even helped some other contest hopefuls with their videos.

Telemundo filmed a broadcast from our stage. Their reporter sang "Under The Bridge" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers in a mix of English and Spanish. It was a totally unique rendition and he sounded amazing.

A team of “professional clothing removal specialists” played on the stage. Technically, they were terrible, but at least they had a performance angle. They weren’t nearly as bad as..

…the Windows 7 promo girls! They played Bad Reputation and managed to nail down a 1 note streak!

It took some encouragement, but some of people finally got the idea and just totally ignored score and went for pure showmanship. These were the people that made this stage super fun. One guy even did a back flip on the stage during his bands performance.

Major Nelson from XBOX Live filmed an E3 report in front of the stage during Day 2, it’s on XBOX Live right now: Inside Xbox > E3 2009 > “What a Week”.

Lots of people over the course of E3 just hung out at our stage instead of wandering the show floors. We were told it was the most fun part of E3.

Over the course of the 3 days we had quite a few people stop by the stage who may or may not have been attending E3 with another rhythm based music game. It didn’t bother us at all. The more people willing to play, the better!

Not a single instrument was broken the entire show, an E3 miracle.

The branded drumsticks we were handing out proved more popular than anyone could have anticipated; we had to make up a second batch halfway through E3 to meet the demand.

And that’s just a sampling of the madness that went on. It was a crazy 3 days on that stage. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and put on awesome Rock Band performances for us. So many of you put so much passion and talent into your playing, it really made the whole show a pleasure to be a part of.

Well it’s back to my cave for me now, at least until someone flashes the Rock Band Stage activation symbol again. Peace!