Rock Band Says: "Let Lenny Rule!"


For at least a year now, Lenny Kravitz’ “Are You Gonna Go My Way” has turned up on many peoples’ lists of “Songs That Really Ought to Be In Rock Band.” It’s got a killer guitar lick, a great vocal part, and is full of attitude and swagger: You just can’t play this one without getting a little cocky (heck, Tom Jones covered it!) Many of you have already rehearsed your moves for this classic tune, now go wild.

One of his tunes wasn’t enough, so we stay in the Kravitz universe with three more tracks, all taken from his 1987 debut Let Love Rule. An immediate hit, the album established Kravitz as a man who could play anything, sound like anybody, and do it all without messing up his dreadlocks. “Mr. Cab Driver” finds him in funky mode, with some neat synthesizer parts (mapped of course to guitar) and hip hop-infused rhythms. “Freedom Train” is the first of his guitar-slinging rockers; a precursor to “Are You Gonna Go My Way.” Finally, “Let Love Rule” is the soaring anthem to end all soaring anthems. We didn’t plan this to be an inaugural week tie-in-- but if it works, it works.

Wrapping up this week’s offerings are a pair of in-house items, both at budget prices. Honest Bob & the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives were a sleeper hit on Rock Band I and we proudly present “Entangled” for those who requested another hit of their jagged brand of rock. Last but loudest, Megasus’ self-titled track is a monster of distortion and aggression, with local legend Jason Kendall (ex-Amazing Crowns) doing the fearsome vocals. Jump in and get dirty!