Two Tracks from LOST Come To Rock Band

We have a very special Rock Band Network announcement for you today. In honor of the series finale of the hit ABC TV show LOST, we bring you two tracks from the show!

Charlie Pace was a washed up rock star when Oceanic 815 crashed on The Island, but once upon a time he was the bass player and primary songwriter for the fictional rock band Drive Shaft. Their hit single "You All Everybody" comes to the RBN today.

The Dharma Initiative is a mysterious group of scientists living on The Island, but "Dharma Lady" is a song by the fictional Lost band Geronimo Jackson. Which Dharma lady are they singing about? We may never know. But now you can sing it in Rock Band!

The tracks are available now in the Rock Band Network Music Store for the Xbox 360 for $0.99 each.