HMX vs. Media Molecule: Bring it On!

The Escapist Magazine's 2010 March Mayhem Developer Showdown has opened up for voting! In Round One, Harmonix has been pitted against the infamous, dubious, and amazingly awesome Media Molecule.

Ok, Media Molecule, I really love you guys, you have no idea. Not only did I change my name so we could have the same initials, but I devoted my life to recreating the sackboy likeness. I'll never get it down right. There are so many Mm fans here that a group of 20+ HMXers got together to try and make a Rock Band themed Little Big Planet level in our spare time. These plans never came to fruition....

So I say, BRING IT, Media Molecule, because it has already been Broughtened. And by the way, you can expect me to drop by your studio this summer for that beer you promised. Oh yes, I'm going to be in your neck of the woods.

Rock Band Fans, go sign up at the Escapist and vote for Harmonix!