Perverse Diversity: Ministry, Zombies, Cranberries DLC

We thought we were pushing the envelope last summer, when we introduced Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed DLC the same week. But this week’s DLC just might outdo it for perverse diversity: In this corner, some of the sweetest pop melodies in Rock Band history. And in that corner…Ministry.

Ministry is of course the band that broke from its humble dance-rock origins to become one of the flagship industrial bands, with the fearsome Al Jourgensen upfront. “Lies Lies Lies” and “The Great Satan” both date from the George W. Bush administration, which came along just as Jourgensen was in danger of having nothing to be ticked-off about. Jourgensen’s intense dislike for Bush was legendary, providing fuel for the bile that he spews in these songs. Less political, but maybe even grislier, is “Cuz U R Next”, the new Ministry song that appeared on Jourgensen’s soundtrack for a recent horror flick, Wicked Lake. This one gives the bass player a little time to show off before all hell breaks loose.
Meanwhile in a different world altogether, the sweet-voiced Dolores O’Riordan leads the Cranberries through their breakthrough hit “Linger.” A success in 1993,  this song was the work of a band still in its teens—the eldest member at 18, O’Riordan still lived with her parents when it was recorded —so the sweet and innocent sound came naturally.

Another teenage whiz was Rod Argent, who wrote the Zombies’ breakthrough hit “She‘s Not There” at 19. This 1964 classic is now the earliest recording ever to appear in Rock Band (though some of the Roy Orbison songs were originally recorded earlier)—a classic slice of pop with Colin Blunstone’s breathy vocals and Argent’s jazz-inspired keys (yes, it’s the same guy who later led the band Argent - He also plays synthesizer on a later Rock Band track, The Who’s “Who Are You”). Still cult heroes today—in fact, they’re touring the US this summer—the Zombies were an original part of the British Invasion, the wave of UK bands that stormed the charts soon after The Beatles changed the world. Hold on, we just got this great idea for a new game…