More Foo Fighters DLC

Even though the Foo Fighters are currently on semi-hiatus, the world can’t get enough of Dave Grohl, who keeps turning up in high-profile situations (like his just-launched supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, and a one-off show with the Foos at a little venue called the White House on July 4). Because we can’t get enough him either, we’re adding a trio of Foo Fighters tracks for you diehards who’ve mastered every song on The Colour & The Shape and are waiting for the next challenge.

If you want to be like Grohl, try playing “I’ll Stick Around” on every instrument, because that’s what he did. The Foo Fighters were originally a solo project disguised as a band, with Grohl playing guitar, bass, drums and whatever else was around. That lasted for their first album, which came out in 1995 and proved that Grohl - and for that matter, the rest of alternative rock - still had interesting places to go after Nirvana. Between the recording and release of that album, Grohl formed the real-life Foo Fighters, who made their New York debut on April 28, 1995. They were the opening band, longtime alt-rock figure Mike Watt was the headliner.

From summer of 2002, “All My Life” introduced a tougher, darker Foo Fighters. At the time they were getting known for writing nice pop songs, so Grohl - who’d just spent a summer playing drums with Queens of the Stone Age - wanted to show that they could also rock at full throttle. As he told MTV at the time, “This doesn’t sound like it’s going to sell any records. But man,  I dig it, so we’re good to go.”  He was wrong, however: Thanks to killer tracks like “All My Life” and “Lonely As You,” the One By One album did indeed sell a boatload of records, and even won a Grammy for Best Rock Album in 2003, the second Foo Fighters album to do so. Grohl would later claim that One By One wasn’t one of his favorite albums, but we don’t know of any Foo Fighters fans who’d want to be without it.