We’ve let MTV 2 take the controls this week, curating three tracks that scored high in the channel’s Breakout competition. If you haven’t caught these songs on-air, rest assured that all three are hit singles waiting to happen, and a steal at three bucks for the package.

The Myriad - “A Clean Shot”


This fresh-faced Seattle band was MTV’s Artist of the Week last month, and this emotive song was the channel’s most-played video. Last year they defeated 4000 other bands to rule as MTV’s Breakout 2 champions. Such honors aside, “A Clean Shot” features a heart-tugging vocal performance by Jeremy Edwardson, and an upfront reggae-ish bass line that provides a neat counterpart to its soaring melody.

Them Terribles - “Bullets & Guns”


Juggling punk and pop elements, this Santa Barbara band has come up with one of the catchiest damn choruses we’ve heard in months; the main problem if you’re playing to this track will be avoiding singing along with it. Don’t miss the hand claps either; they’re an essential part of this very summery-sounding number. This group knows its rock history as well as it song craft: How can we not like a modern band that compares itself to Dion & the Belmonts?

The Material - “Moving to Seattle”


Yet another terrific vocal performance on this one from Colleen D’Agostino, who alternates from soft and sensitive tones on the verses to a gutsier approach on the guitar-heavy choruses. This band also scored on MTV2’s Breakout, where one of their prime supporters was Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Soon after their formation ion 2006, the Material hooked up with the San Diego Bureau of Tourism who featured their music in a promo campaign for the city;’s rock scene. So who needs Seattle anyway?

“I Want My, I Want My DLC!”


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