MTV Movie Awards

So I was at the MTV Movie Awards two weekends ago out at Universal Studios near LA. This was on June 1st- the day that the Universal Studios back lot burnt down.

Basically I showed up late the night before (Saturday night) thinking everything was hunky dory. I ordered some food once I got to my hotel room, answered some emails, watched some terrible television, went to bed. In the morning I went down to breakfast in the hotel lobby and saw this.

I checked my trusty Blackberry and come to find out there had been some weird fire overnight in the backlot where there were a bunch of sets and some archives and they hadn't been able to put it out. Also it was spreading. The news was that they were still going to let the Awards show go on and that the theme park would remain open to the public.

I finished up my breakfast with Peter Banks (one of our dudes from MTV Games and the photographer of the fire picture above) and we headed over to the park. I took a bunch more photos of the smoke plume as we got closer and closer - it really took up half the sky at one point, it was that big. The show must go on?

Our setup was on the red ( carpet - the entry way into the show. At the far corner we had a little stage with a full setup out in the sun. In front of us were the actual doors to Gibson amphitheater. On the other side of the amphitheater? The fire. The fire marshal made sure to let everyone know that we could be evacuated at any time. Awesome.

We got the stage all hooked up with the Wii version of the game, did our lag calibration, and got into costume. The day before I left I went to Goodwill and bought myself a suit jacket and dress shirt for $13 (total). I then brought it home and cut off the sleeves using a combination of knives, scissors, and a lighter. I also had a tie... because I am classy.

It took a while for the celebrities (referred to often as "the talent") to show up. The carpet was scheduled to be about two hours long and not many people showed up until the final half hour and then it got slammed.

We were asked a couple times to turn it down, for the most part we didn't. We were stuck over next to what I call "Blog Corner" where a bunch of people from cult-of-celebrity-sites were trying to pull talent for interviews. One lady said that it sucked that we played so loud and that it was stupid and we were ruining her day. I didn't really feel too badly as she was pretty much a jerk about it but I felt even less badly when it was pointed out to me that she was using a $9 voice recorder you could pick up at Walgreens for her interviews. Six words for her - invest in a good omnidirectional mic. Stat.

We had a few people jump up - Carson Daly, the Clique Girls, a couple bands I was unfamiliar with, the Pussycat Dolls. At one point I was playing the bass and suddenly someone jumped on stage, grabbed onto me, grinded up against me for a few pictures and then took off. It was Tila Tequila.

But none could prepare for the second greatest Rock Band-related moment of my life (Herbie Hancock will always be number 1).

AMERICAN GLADIATORS WOLF AND JUSTICE... with a much smaller me and JohnD.

Both of us are huge American Gladiators fans so it was borderline insane to actually get to play with them. Also they are big dudes. Wolf threatened to throw our prototype Wii drumset if he failed out and I had no plans on stopping him. Justice grabbed the guitar and the strap wouldn't even get around him. The dude is gigantic. JohnD grabbed the other guitar and I grabbed mic. I think the song was "Here It Goes"... we failed out pretty quick. Luckily they didn't throw anything, they just shook our hands and continued inside.

So good.

I had tickets to the show itself but decided to go back to the hotel and watch it on TV in the restaurant/bar. When it was over I got tickets to the after-party which was pretty insane. I met a bunch of really cool people (JABBERWOKEEZ rule), had some tasty, weird drinks, and generally just had a swell time.

This missive's  BATTLE HAT!!!? Kevin Costner Vs Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

For real? KC versus something awesome? Do I really have to do this? Ok, fine, I will. Mr. Costner uses his snooze inducing "Empty-Theater-On-Opening-Night" glare. Puft falls asleep. Costner revels as he has no other discernible skills. Puft topples over in his sleepiness. Costner is oblivious to the end of his career/life as he is crushed by 3,000 tons of delicious 'mallow.

Stay-Puft FTW