Never Go Back

There's not much more I can say about Rock Band or Rock Band 2 right now that hasn't already been covered on the forums, hands on interviews, or wild messageboard rumors. Next week will be huge, with most of the HMX Community team in LA for E3, so we'll be sure to have some RB2 announcements and juicy Rock Blogs for you when we get back.

In the meantime, I figure I'd post this quote about reunion shows. It speaks to hardcore and punk bands specifically, but I think the heart of the message is true for any kind of music (or any kind of art for that matter).

"Most bands get back together to perform karaoke sets of their past songs with remakes of old shirts and little more to offer. The songs ring hollow of a dead past. Passion is lost as one seeks to perform old songs, for old people at the funeral of their creative being. I have always detested reunions, because 95% of them are farces. If the songs don’t reflect who you are today and there is nothing new to offer, what is the point? 99% of punk rock is only as vital as the combination of the songs, the time, the people, the venue and the moment it takes place in. If it is only as relevant to your heart as some nostalgic moment, like attending ones high school reunion, then it will ring hollow. Is it really that much fun to play at ones own funeral? Create something new or get out of the ****ing way." -Rob Fish of 108

Just something to think about. Talk to you again when we get back from E3!