New to RBN: 10/20/11

In today's RBN release on Xbox 360, the Rock Band Network authors are bringing you alternative, rock, prog, punk, pop-rock, metal, pop/dance/electronic, inspirational, novelty, and other (experimental) songs. That's 10 different genres! If you ate that many cookies, you'd ruin your supper! Plus, we announce 5 more songs coming out next week on the PS3.

Xbox 360 RBN Releases for Thursday, 10/20/2011


  • Brad Gerke - "Of Dirt You Were Made..." (80 MSP)


  • Denbigh Cherry - "He Is Good" (160 MSP)
  • Denbigh Cherry - "My God Is There Controlling" (160 MSP)
  • Goliath Down - "Crazy Idea" (160 MSP)


  • All Shall Perish - "Never... Again (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
  • Dance Gavin Dance - "Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex" (160 MSP)


  • Freen in Green - "Grocery Party" (80 MSP)


  • Coelacanths - "Coelacanths" (80 MSP)


  • Magnus 'SoulEye' PĂ„lsson - "Paced Energy" (80 MSP)


  • Analogue Revolution feat. The Chance Sisters - "Looking (Foot in Your Mouth)" (80 MSP)


  • Mystakin - "The End of Progress" (80 MSP)


  • Single White Infidel - "For God or Country" (80 MSP)


  • Free Spirit - "Easy Days" (160 MSP)

PS3 RBN Releases for Tuesday, 10/25/2011 (North America) and Wednesday, 10/26/2011 (Europe)

  • Pierce the Veil - "Caraphernelia" ($1.99) - Alternative
  • Thomas Walker - "Gymnopedie No. 1 (Satie)" ($0.99) - Classical
  • The Limousines - "Very Busy People" ($1.99) - Pop/Dance/Electronic
  • Free Spirit - "Moonlight Ride" ($1.99) - Rock
  • Amberian Dawn - "Willow of Tears" ($1.99) - Metal

The Rock Band Network was developed upon Microsoft's XNA technology, and all RBN songs have 30-day exclusivity on the Xbox 360. However, select RBN 2.0 songs are submitted to the PS3 by Sony and Harmonix at the rate of 5 songs a week, as determined by factors such as popularity and community interest. To request future songs for the PS3, go to the forum thread here. We're always interested in hearing what songs our PS3 customers would enjoy!


Some people need to go back to High School English. This isn't the official DLC people. So first and foremost learn how to READ. R-E-A-D. Do i need to define it for you as well? Secondly, the RBN is not for hits to be released on. It's an outlet for bands who aren't known to get their music into RB. We've just have gotten lucky that some mainstream/more-known bands decided to put their music on the RBN for us.

ganduff82 these songs suck plain and simple your very right bro they have lost the touch nothing new they are hundreds of hits songs from the best band in history they select this lame songs

these songs suck plain and simple

rock band needs 2 step their game up. when r they going 2 get hootie and the blowfish n the game? they owed the 90's.

Lame. Dance Gavin Dance is the only good. And this week and that song isn't one of their best.

Damn, I was hoping Between the Buried and Me's Selkies was going to be coming to RBN today.

Yes more free spirit for ps3 keep them coming!!

Sweet! More Amberian Dawn for the PS3! Thanks Harmonix! Also more classical music is nice, will definately pick that up.