New to RBN: 11/12/10

This week we add tracks from Attack Attack! and The Downtown Fiction to the Rock Band Network with songs from We the Kings, Holy Grail, and Sunny Day Real Estate coming to PlayStation 3, and songs from Parry Gripp, Meshuggah, and Amberian Dawn coming to Wii.

New to RBN on Xbox 360 in the past week:

  • The Downtown Fiction - "Best I Never Had"
  • The Downtown Fiction - "I Just Wanna Run"
  • Attack Attack! - "Smokahontas"
  • Mystic Syntax - "Let It Change"
  • Blackguard - "Allegiance"
  • Songs To Wear Pants To - "Stevie"

New to RBN on the PlayStation 3 on November 16:

  • Family Force 5 - "Radiator"
  • Emperor - "Curse You All Men! (Live)"
  • Sunny Day Real Estate - "In Circles"
  • Holy Grail - "Fight to Kill"
  • We the Kings - "Spin"

New to RBN on Wii on November 16:

  • The Devil Wears Prada - "Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over"
  • Parry Gripp - "The Girl at the Video Game Store"
  • Alias Unknown - "Top Back"
  • Meshuggah - "Bleed"
  • The Acacia Strain - "Dr. Doom"
  • Amberian Dawn - "Valkyries"
  • Anti-Flag - "We Are the One"
  • Norma Jean - "Leaderless and Self Enlisted"
  • Ballyhoo! - "Cali Girl"
  • Circus Circus - "First We Feast, Then We Felony"


@SCHMII I wish...

Can ps3 please get the two all that remain tracks "hold on" and "the waiting one" Please

WHY can't someone finally put some more chiodos songs or some dance gavin stuff? also, what about circa survive/protest the hero? i've been waiting for this for years and it's just not happening.

And here I thought it was System of a Down attack :(