New to RBN: 12/17/10

This was a massive week for the Rock Band Network with new tracks from Nonpoint, Evanescence, Kataklysm, and more coming to Xbox 360, with songs from Stan Bush and All That Remains coming to PlayStation 3, and a double dose of Wii RBN tracks.

New to RBN on Xbox 360 in the past week:

New to RBN on PlayStation 3 on December 21:

New to RBN on Wii on December 21:

All Rock Band Network tracks are available on the Xbox 360 and can be purchased through the in-game Rock Band Music Store or online by clicking on the Xbox Marketplace link on each song page. Select tracks are available on the PlayStation 3. Pricing varies. For more information about the Rock Band Network, please visit the official Rock Band Network page. To see a list of all songs available in the Rock Band Network Music Store, please visit the Rock Band Network song page.


oh god, i really love going under from evanescence and i can´t believe it´s only for ps3 and xbox 360 y have a wii, that will be great if they can put it for wii too.

Ported, not downloaded. Sorry about that.

You PS3 guys are only getting 5 a week because Sony set a limit on how many RBN songs can be downloaded. Xbox gets everything because RBN is built on the XNA development platform, something Sony and Nintendo don't have. Nintendo's limit is higher, which is why Wii gets more tracks. One little highlight here I'd like to mention is that the Rainbowdragoneyes song, "Creatures ov Deception" is the VERY FIRST chiptune track to ever hit Rock Band, and it's authored by my studio Chart Toppers Authoring. You guys should totally check it out, it's an absolute blast on everything. And if it sells well, PS3 and Wii owners can enjoy it too! ;)

Yellig, I will agree there, but still, PS3 is getting screwed over because you're playing "catch-up" but we are too, to 360 that is. I wish they would just do one big release for Wii and PS3 to catch us up on all tracks, although I would be awfully poor, I would be happy and play more RB3. I quit playing because I got bored where I never did in RB2 because there were decent releases. What's up with all of the oldies and 2-4 RBN songs a week for PS3? Laaaaaaaaame. I want modern and 5-10 RBN a week, kthx :D

Why does xbox get all the songs i want kittie too doggonit

Finally All That Remains "hold on". now just need to get on ps3 "for we are many" and "the waiting one"

The Wii is playing catchup. We didn't get any RBN tracks for two weeks, then only got that first week's worth when it updated this week -- so now we'll only be down by one week this Tuesday. I.E., the Wii owners are the ones who suffered, not PS3. :-)

25 songs for Xbox and 5 for PS3? WII HAS EVEN GOT MORE TO DOWNLOAD. At least we're getting Hold On I guess.. I WANT THE WORD ALIVE, EMMURE, WOE IS ME, and BLESSTHEFALL TOO DAMNIT. Why is PS3 getting screwed over here? What did we do..?