New to RBN: 3/11/11

Here are the RBN songs coming to PlayStation 3 next week. This is the last batch of Rock Band Network songs that will be compatible with Rock Band 2 on the PS3. As we transition from RBN 1 to RBN 2.0, we'll have some downtime in the submission and release pipeline, just as we did on the Xbox 360, but we should have a blog post ready next week with more details about the expected schedule. Keep posted for more info!

  • Fake Shark - Real Zombie! - "Angel Lust"
  • Rose of Jericho - "Buried Cold"
  • Broadcast - "Love and the Triumph Of"
  • Emmure - "10 Signs You Should Leave"

This week will be the last week of RBN version 1 tracks released to the PlayStation 3. To learn more about RBN 2.0 read the announcement.

All Rock Band Network tracks are available on the Xbox 360 and can be purchased through the in-game Rock Band Music Store or online by clicking on the Xbox Marketplace link on each song page. Select tracks are available on the PlayStation 3. Pricing varies. For more information about the Rock Band Network, please visit the official Rock Band Network page. To see a list of all songs available in the Rock Band Network Music Store, please visit the Rock Band Network song page.


Seriously, I hope this isn't a definite end to any song released on RBN 1. There are a ton of great songs that aren't available on PS3, and to think that none of them ever will be available is pretty disappointing. I don't see why you couldn't release RBN 1 and 2.0 stuff at the same time. I will absolutely buy each and every song that gets released on the RBN, so the more you can put out, the more I buy. Seems like a mutually beneficial situation...

There is no reason to stop the flow of RBN 1.0 to the PS3. There is still so much more I want and I know others feel the same way. I really dont care about Harmonies and Keys because that unessesary stuff killed the regular dlc, AND SCORE DUEL!!! Geez the RBN metal and screamo was the last good thing about Rock Band on the PS3.

I'm going to flip a dolphin if there isn't a metalcore release for xbox 360 next week...