New to RBN: 8/11/11

Next week, the '80s hit "Pac-Man Fever" is coming to PS3, along with three other Buckner & Garcia songs celebrating arcade classics. If you're more likely to be eaten by ghosts than to eat ghosts, then you should pick up "Dead Again" by Possible Oscar, a crazy vocalist workout about the many, many ways you can die in video games.

Xbox 360 RBN Releases for Thursday, 8/11/2011


  • Fallen Angel - "Ashes to Ashes/Leaving It All Behind" (
  • Lich King - "Act of War" (80 MSP)

PS3 RBN Releases for Tuesday, 8/16/2011 (Wednesday, 8/17/2011 in Europe)

  • Buckner & Garcia - "Pac-Man Fever" ($1.99) - Pop-Rock
  • Buckner & Garcia - "Froggy's Lament" ($1.99) - Pop-Rock
  • Buckner & Garcia - "Hyperspace" ($1.99) - Pop-Rock
  • Buckner & Garcia - "Mousetrap" ($1.99) - Pop-Rock
  • Possible Oscar - "Dead Again" ($1.99) - Rock


4songs of buckner,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????,i think one song of them ok but not 4 ,there are many bands on rbn,i hate when we have no choice,we wait 7 days for that??dlc ps3 suck

If August Burns Red is artist of the month when is the ps3 going to get their track it was released ages ago.

at 5 songs a week, you can certainly TRY to have something for everyone. DLC is for one trick releases, RBN has generally been about variety. I highly doubt that all of Buckner & garcia songs and one other video game related song was the next up in best selling RBN songs. It just seems like they wanted to go with a theme...

Nothing for me this week. Still waiting for Bring me the Horizon and Suicide Silence.

Ignore the haters. At 5 songs a week, you're not going to always have something for everyone. I'm definitely picking up Pac-Man Fever though. Besides, I think the main thing determining what tracks come to PS3 RBN is what sells the best on 360, so that means someone has bought and will buy these.

Why don't you give the PS3 some songs they'll actually buy. like some amberian dawn and evile. Even Asking Alexandria, or Chaotrope. Do you expect us to really spend money on this weeks RBN songs?

yay! PS3 rockers given a chance to catch up to the Xboxers a bit! and I get to save some money too, because this weeks 5 are just plain aweful... I get it... people liked the 8 bit NES style music, but doesn't mean we like all songs that mention the vidja games. 8 bit music is just a very unique sound... These are unique too... just not in any particularly good way. and where's my alien ant farm? it's been well over 30 days now, and they're owed a song that's actually by them instead of just the micheal jackson cover probably added as a cheaper alternative rather than a legitimate inclusion of AAF into rockband! seriously, they are a day one purchase for me!

Wow worst RBN week ever... did we really need all four B & G songs, if any at all? Hopefully the Asking Alexandria(morte et dabo) and Bring Me The Horizon(pray for plagues) songs are on the way.