Just imagine that we’ve turned your plastic guitar into a plastic synthesizer, and given you a piercing stare, a soul patch and a spiffy black wardrobe. Now you’re ready to try your hand at three of the dark lord, Trent Reznor’s, greatest moments.

Nine Inch Nails - “The Collector”

With TeethThis wasn’t one of the three hit singles that came off the “With Teeth” album. But if ever a NIN song was tailor-made for Rock Band, this is it: Pounding drums, old-fashioned lead guitars, and a suitably world-hating lyric: You are of course warned not to grin while singing “I am the plague, I am the swarm.” Trent Reznor was doing his best not to hang out in celebrity circles while making this album, choosing instead to hide away in his haunted mansion in the garden district of New Orleans. But he did make one notable friend during this era: Dave Grohl played drums on most of the album, including this track. Grohl was already our Rock band MVP for appearing in the game with three bands (Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, and Foo Fighters), now he’s up to four.

Nine Inch Nails: “The Perfect Drug”

The Perfect DrugOne of the oddballs in the NIN catalogue, this song was recorded for David Lynch’s film Lost Highway. But it’s never been on a NIN album, and it’s never been played live—according to a BBC interview, Trent Reznor was afraid that the drum solo would make their touring drummer’s arms fall off. In the same interview, the perfectionist Reznor named this as his least favorite NIN track. We’ve included the “straight” version (instead of one of the half-dozen remixes that came out on an EP), and it’s guaranteed not to make your arms fall off — unless, of course, you play the drum part really well on expert.

Nine Inch Nails: “March of the Pigs”

March of the PigsIt’s no wonder this became one of the seminal Nine Inch Nails tracks; as nobody’s managed to cram quite this much paranoia into a tight three minutes. Or this many dynamics, with its jumps from ominous calm to full-throttle onslaught. As the advance single for the second full-length album The Downward Spiral, this helped turn them from a weird cult act into weird superstars. If you have no trouble mastering the drum part, you might want to apply for a job with a live band: The song’s in an impossible 29/8 time signature.



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