Three More Nirvana Classics…Yes, Including THAT One


We’ve been rolling out Nirvana songs for nearly as long as there’s been Rock Band; so far we’ve released most of Nevermind and some of Bleach as well. But as we’re sure you’ve noticed, That Really Landmark Nirvana Song has been notably absent so far. Well, it’s here this week, along with two nearly-as-essential live tracks.

Nirvana’s show at the Reading Festival in 1992 is remembered as one of the best they ever gave, and it opened with a little prank that Kurt Cobain played on the audience: there had been rumors that he had overdosed, and he took the stage in a wheelchair with a  hospital gown and proceeded to collapse - only to spring up again and reveal the whole thing was a joke, then grab his guitar and let the feedback wail. Nirvana truly were rock gods that night, and if the live “Lithium” isn’t enough, the whole show has lately been released on CD and DVD.

Just as legendary, but entirely different musically, was the show that Nirvana did the following year for MTV "Unplugged." This was a show that defied convention, even for "Unplugged." Nirvana didn’t play their greatest hit (no “Teen Spirit” anywhere to be smelled that night) and didn’t even play many of their own songs, preferring to show their fandom for David Bowie, the Vaselines and the Meat Puppets. “Come As You Are” was one of the Nevermind tracks that they did play, and the acoustic treatment showed the world how beautiful Cobain’s songs really were. 

Wrapping up the three-pack is a little number called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” - yeah, it’s the original studio version from Nevermind. You really don’t need to know any more about this song, do you? Didn’t think so. Happy Thanksgiving! 

The tracks will be available for Xbox 360 and Wii on December 1st, and on PlayStation3 on December 3rd. Tracks are available as singles for $1.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 or $2.00 on Wii, or as a pack for $5.49 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.



God i love nirvana and im a 30 something year old black guy R.I.P. Curt