Nord vs. JoCo - Round 1

Jonathan Coulton stopped to chat during his busy PAX schedule. He discusses Rock Band, the Rock Band Network, songwriting, his new album, and Star Trek with Matthew Nordhaus, curator and OverNord to the RBN creators.

For those who don’t know, Jon quit his web coder job in 2005 to become a musician. He started creating a song each week, posting it to a blog cleverly named “Thing a Week,” and became the world’s first Internet Superstar.

Recently he started re-posting those 5-year old songs with current commentary at, discussing what he was doing and thinking at the time. It turns out it was hard! Hard to invent ways to distribute the songs, hard to get people to pay for music, and hard to write songs in the first place.

Download the MP3

Check out all of Jonathan Coulton's RBN songs on his artist page and get more info about him at

Photo courtesy of My Name Is Blue Canary.


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