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By popular $%^&ing demand, this week we salute the best %#@&ing rock and roll band in the world, a band that’s better than the @#$%ing Beatles. No, we didn’t get the rights to that notorious bootleg tape of Liam and Noel Gallagher cussing at each other for 25 minutes-- Besides, there’s no guitars on it. But we are @#$%ing proud to present three of the greatest early tracks from the snotty pride of Manchester, Oasis.

Definitely Maybe

Oasis—“Live Forever”
If you could whittle Oasis’ career down to one most shining moment, it may well be the chorus of this tune, where Liam’s voice goes into that aching falsetto and Noel answers with that chiming 12-string guitar riff. Drummers, note that insistent snare-drum pattern that Manchester groups were so fond of the time. Youthful optimism meets teen angst on this timeless track, which made UK audiences go wild. And it was only their third single.

Oasis were already sick of getting compared to the Beatles, so what did they do? They nicked a song title from George Harrison’s first solo album. No comparison otherwise, though: Beatle George’s disc was a strange-sounding film soundtrack; Oasis’ song was a love-and-loss ballad that anyone could relate to (the Eastern-sounding strings, though, were a clear nod to Harrison). Just as Liam & Noel were starting to make headlines for their debauched after-hours behavior, this song put their sensitive side upfront.

What's the Story Morning Glory

Oasis—“Don’t Look Back in Anger”
Here the lads are still in sensitive mode, but with a bit more of that trademark sneer and swagger. And another of those soaring melodies that Noel could seemingly write before breakfast. Like “Wonderwall” it’s taken from the landmark album “What’s the Story Morning Glory”, their second and the one that broke Oasis in America. Some fans think Oasis were never this great again. But that, of course, is a load of old bollocks.