Alternative! Nu Metal! Punk Pop! (Family Friendly!)

Want some more songs for your LEGO minifigs to sing?  We’ve got three family friendly singles for you this week, so you can play them in LEGO Rock Band as well as Rock Band 2.  And they come from some unexpected sources….

Number eight in our collection of Offspring DLC is “A Lot Like Me” off Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.  At the very beginning, when a fierce guitar riff splits through the delicate piano opening, it sets the tone for this carefully balanced combination of beauty and confused fury.  This isn’t the first family-friendly Offspring song we’ve had, since “All I Want” also falls into that category, but it’s not as crazy fast as “All I Want” was, so it might be easier for a younger audience.  Still, when you hit the howling chorus, you’ll find how satisfying it is to let loose on this song.   

Limp Bizkit got an unusual break into stardom due to the singer’s day job as a tattoo artist.  When Korn’s bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu wanted to get a tattoo in Jacksonville, FL, he tapped Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred Durst for the job.  The next time Fieldy came through on tour, he picked up Limp Bizkit’s demo tape and passed it along to producer Ross Robinson, and the band started its crazy rise to stardom.

This week, we have “Build a Bridge”, our first offering from Limp Bizkit! Don’t be afraid to yell the background call-and-response (“gonna crumble down”, “till you come around”).  At least, don’t be afraid to yell it unless you have neighbors who would object.  If you do, then you should either keep it down or invite them over.

Welcome Yellowcard! This punk-inspired pop/rock group started in Southern California in 1997, but Yellowcard really took the scene in 2003 after signing with Capitol Records and releasing platinum album Ocean Avenue. We’ve got the title song for you now as DLC, pulsing with tight guitar riffs and charged by the rock violin sequences that give Yellowcard such a distinctive sound.  Also, whether you’re inventing your own fills or racing through Longineu Parson’s beats, this piece is a treat on drums. Don’t worry – no one in the band will sleepwalk through it.