McCartney Mania!

You know and love The Beatles: Rock Band, and beginning next week, you’ll get to play Paul McCartney’s solo tracks in Rock Band!

Paul McCartney's historic three-night musical christening of New York's Citi Field was witnessed by 120,000-plus attendees and universally hailed as a concert experience for the ages, and HMXThrasher and I were there! I’m telling you, Sir Paul puts on an amazing show. His voice is phenomenal, and he did a great job with the crowd. I guess after half a century of performing live, what else would you expect!?

One of my favorite memories from the show was when Paul finished performing a song and commented on the signs in the audience. He told us how even after so long, he still has to remind himself not to read the signs. “But you always read the signs! Let’s see what we have here,” he continued “’Will you marry me Paul?’ Nope!” It got a great reaction, and it was so cool to see someone with as much clout as Paul McCartney gently ribbing his audience.

Hear Music/Concord Music Group released Good Evening New York City, the live concert recording from the shows, and beginning Jan. 5, Rock Band and McCartney fans will be able to download “Paul McCartney New York City Pack 01” in the Rock Band Music Store. McCartney’s solo debut on the Rock Band platform includes “Band on the Run (Live),” “Jet (Live)” and “Sing the Changes (Live).” These songs are available Jan. 5 for the Xbox and Wii and Jan. 7 for the Playstation3 in North America and Jan. 14 for the PlayStation3 in the rest of the world.

Also next week, we get three songs from California punk rockers Blink-182, including “Adam’s Song,” “First Date” and “I Miss You.” I’m also psyched for punk legends The Ramones with “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School.” And The Psychedelic Furs return with “Love My Way” and “Sister Europe.”

It’s a good and eclectic week in Rock Band DLC Land, and that’s the way we like it!