PAX East: Rated C for Charity Update!

Well, we did it! Our first ever “C for Charity” raffle happened this weekend at PAX East and it was an amazing success! I’m not going to lie, when we first set out to do this little raffle I was hoping that we’d raise a good amount of money for Child’s Play – but I never expected for us to blow out our goal the way we did. The “C for Charity” raffle raised over $2,000 by the end of the weekend!*

For those of you who weren’t at PAX East this weekend, here’s how our raffle worked. We had a bunch of boxes set up on our bar with a prize listed on the front of each. You could visit me or any of the HMX crew behind the “bar” and purchase a raffle ticket for $1. If you bought $5 worth of tickets we gave you six, if you bought $20 you got 25 and if you paid at least $50 you got to jump the huge crowded line, get a pile of tickets as tall as me, and our unending love and thanks.

XShagrath - Rock Band player extraordinaire and one of the many that donated

There are many many thank-yous to give out after such an awesomely successful first run – but first I want to get a little bit gushy. I knew this raffle project would keep me busy, but I don’t think I realized it would provide such an awesome platform to chat with, meet, and get to know so many of our amazing community members. We were all really floored by everyone’s generosity and were really touched by the folks who came back over and over again to empty their pocket change and buy tickets.

A lot of folks also told us about why Child’s Play is an important cause to them – and I really appreciated that you all felt comfortable enough to open up to us and share your stories. I also have to give a big shoutout to the gaming community in my adopted hometown of Boston – aside from all of the awesome rockers who made the trek to Hynes this weekend, we also had our hometown buddies, Turbine, and Joystiq, on board and helping out with swag and giveaways.

What did people win?

Lots and lots and lots of stuff! We gave you a preview on the 'Zine, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. In total we had twelve prizes to give out – and even threw in a second, surprise, MoTD prize on Sunday!

HMXThrasher at the prize table

Different people had their eye on different prizes, but the HMX Ultimate Swag bag was clearly a crowd favorite. Our lucky winner was a lovely gentleman named Andrew who was at PAX East (how awesome is this) celebrating his birthday! Look for a shoutout to Andrew and more info about what he’s doing with all of his awesome HMX swag (including a new Mad Catz wooden strat) in episode 14 of the podcast.

Thank yous and shoutouts:

We have lots and lots of people to thank for making this first event a huge success. Top of the list is YOU GUYS! Thanks a million to each and every person who bought tickets, spread the word, and helped keep the energy in the room upbeat and positive over the course of the weekend.
We’d also like to thank:

Joystiq The Joystiq crew donated a ton of swag to our event and helped us get the word out about all the shenanigans going on in our lounge. In addition to the Helmet of OMGBUTFORWHY?!!, they also contributed extra swag for our mystery prize bags, the Gamescom swag prizes, the Nerf raffle package, and lots of other stuff. Many many thanks to Contributing Editor Alexander Sliwinski for letting us raid his basement for swag.

Turbine Fellow Boston devs Turbine sent us FIVE, that’s right, FIVE Collector’s Edition Lord of the Rings Online. The best part? Each came with a lifetime membership! These were pretty popular over the course of the weekend – many thanks to the crew for hooking us up with these.

MadCatz We needed one extra prize to truly make our HMX swag pack an “ultimate swag pack” and our friends at Mad Catz came through in a HUGE way. They sent us a very swank Mad Catz strat (brand spankin’ new) which looked just lovely next to our gig bags, bandmates, HMX shirts, software packages, and other goodies.

Earache Records & Evile One of the “secret prizes” not listed on our original preview article was this awesome package from the band Evile and the folks at Earache Records. The band signed and sent us the Mad Catz P-bass that Ol’ Drake has been using to chart RBN tracks. The band rocked so hard that they wore out the guitar, but that didn’t stop several hundred folks from dropping tickets in to win this prize. Earache Records and Thrasher Magazine were also kind enough to send me some swag to use as prizes for The Thrasher Challenge. Each member of the five bands that took on the challenge got some awesome stuff to take home as did the winner of Ol’s guitar.

The “wicked locals” – B. Good, Pita Pit, Improv Boston, IFF Boston Wow, wow, wow. Local businesses went above and beyond to help us put together an awesome package for event attendees. We asked for small donations and were blown away by the generosity of these businesses. B. Good sent us an envelope full of burger certificates. Pita Pit donated not one but two prizes for the raffle (a $10 certificate for the Wicked Local and a $20 stand alone certificate). IB gave us a set of passes and IFFBoston gave us a set of killer tickets to the music related docs during the festival.

Collin Moore from Irrational Proving that the Boston gaming community takes care of each other, our buddy Collin, Community Manager at Irrational, heard that we were running a bit low on swag for our pick a prize bags and sent over piles of cool t-shirts and buttons to add. Thanks dude!

The enforcers! A lot of the enforcers stopped by to donate to our raffle but they were also great at spreading the word to other attendees. They were even kind enough to get us some awesome Child’s Play pins to give out to raffle ticket buyers on Sunday.

And of course, our top donor, Derrick! Derrick is the man. He donated over $150 to Child’s Play and got to skip the line several times. He’s killer on vocals and we had a great time rocking out with him. His Rock Band band, Kingdom of Ruin, goes on every Tuesday at Ground Kontrol in Portland, OR. If you’re in the area you should check them out and join in on the fun!

*The bands from Saturday night’s showcase also kicked in a bunch of money so we were able to send almost $5,000 to Child’s Play this week!

HMXThrasher counts the donations - THANK YOU!