Rock Band Goes to PAX, You Get the Music!

Games of all shapes and sizes converged last week in Seattle for the PAX Festival, which also included plenty of game-related music. This proves the perfect opportunity for us to welcome some of that music into Rock Band, meaning that our game has added music from a fest with bands who make music for games…You figure it out!

Jonathan Coulton is a longtime friend of this game; his Portal song “Still Alive” remains a much-loved Rock Band favorite; along with “Skullcrusher Mountain” which was part of our PAX package last year. He even did an interactive panel where he showed the PAX crowd how to import one of his songs into the Rock Band Network. Aside from the synchrony, we like him because he writes nifty songs, and "Re: Your Brains" is one of his catchiest. It’s traditionally the closing number of his shows, where he asks fans to use their imaginations in helping him do the zombie bits. By the way, our own Heather Wilson interviewed him last year and you can read that here.

Further proof that gaming nerds write the coolest songs comes from MC Frontalot, also in our PAX package for the second year. The self-described “kings of nerdcore hip-hop” - and really, who wouldn’t want to be that? - Frontalot is known to his mom as San Fran native Damian Hess. “Origin of Species” is actually one of his more serious numbers, and one of the rare cases of anti-creationist rap.

Paul & Storm are two guys from D.C. who do funny songs and flat-out comedy; see them live and they may award you a snack cake if you make an especially creative contribution to their show. “Opening Band” sounds to us like one of the greatest things They Might Be Giants never wrote. The line about collecting Star Wars figurines was much appreciated by some of the geekier types round these parts.