PAX East 2010 Photo Wrap-Up

Oh man, the first PAX East ever! We had such an incredible time that mere words alone could not possibly describe the Harmonix-induced antics. In no particular order, here are some of what I consider to be memorable moments.

HMXthebeststeph and HMXPope rockin'

On Thursday, as PAXEast-Goers filtered in to Boston, Thrasher and I had a mini-scavenger hunt in Cambridge. Rock Band fans lurked around Central Square hoping to find our hidden gem. (or to get a glimpse of HMXHelion outside!) 

HMXThrasher hiding an item for the scavenger hunt

Friday at 2pm the doors opened and PAX East officially kicked off! We had tons of RBN band swag to give away. Stickers, pins and CDs covered the Rock Band Network Lounge. The featured item was the RBN 2010 Compilation CD, chock full of Harmonix-band goodness, the 1000 CDs we had disappeared halfway through PAX East. 

HMXKat signs the RBN compilation CD 

Saturday we had some of the Harmonix art contingent visit the booth. They gave out sketches and signed swag. I even got some original Fish McGill hand-art!

HMXKat got some sweet Fish McGill art on her hand 

Later that night we headed over to the Middle East club in Cambridge for the Harmonix Showcase. I stayed till the room was clear, waiting for TheBestSteph to collect all the door money that was being donated to Child’s Play. 

The Middle East, empty post-show

By the end of Sunday, Thrasher had raised a ton of raffle money for Child’s Play, and Steph and I completely lost our minds while MC’ing the Rock Band stage. When 6pm came, we collapsed on a pile of bean bag chairs and deemed PAX East a huge SUCCESS!

HMXthebeststeph and her bean bag friend

For more photos from PAX East, be sure to check out the Official Harmonix Flickr Page or check out the set below!