Atlanta, Kitchen Appliances & Limbs: A Conversation With Peaches

Eccentric Harmonix artist Peaches hails from Atlanta, Georgia. During the creation of Rock Band 2 Peaches was asked to pitch in a few ideas for the art maker. No one on the art team expected anthropomorphic kitchen appliances, but somehow it made complete sense coming from Peaches. We sat down with Peaches to discuss inspirations for the doohickeys with interchangeable limbs and attitudes.

Fish: Tell me a bit about the appliances you drew for Rock Band 2.
Peaches: Well, let's see. I really wanted to draw an iron, 'cause I have a secret love for irons and I had to make a series of things that were somewhat related... so I drew stuff in my kitchen.

Fish: My vacuum at home has attachments but yours has arms and a pretty lady, where do you get one of those suckers?
Peaches: Just get yourself some arm attachments, then go to a bar and get a pretty lady. Make sure she's small. Or your vacuum is huge.

Fish: Good point. What about your fridge? Where do you find an anthropomorphic refrigerator?
Peaches: Well, to tell you the truth; they don't exist.
Fish: Aw bummer! Is this fridge based on your own personal fridge?
Peaches: I remember seeing a fridge similar to it when I was younger. It might have been my great grandmothers... sans arms.
Fish: Is fridge holding the same young lady as the one nabbed by the vacuum?
Peaches: Naw, that's probably someone one generation younger, maybe her daughter.
Fish: As in your Aunt Goodrich?
Peaches: I guess it would be my grandmother's sister... so would that make her my great aunt Goodrich.
Fish: I notice the other appliances are all snipped mid cord, are they all busted?
Peaches: I took that from instructional manuals, the snipping is to show that the chord is longer than shown.

Fish: And are the arms all your own Peach poses?
Peaches: I hadn't thought about it... but now that you mention it... I think that I make those gestures quite often.
Fish: I've witnessed both the "I couldn't possibly" gesture waiting in a line with you and the "One Two" gesture in the same line.
Peaches: Oh yes, I often get in fights while waiting in lines.

Fish: Which appliance goes best with the One Two punch arms?
Peaches: Definitely the toaster. Those suckers are always looking for a fight.

Fish: What about the gesture titled: "Tada"?
Peaches: The microwave. That dude likes to brag when he's made something frozen turn super hot.

Fish: Can you tell me a bit about the ATL portrait?
Peaches: Well, I come from the land down under, that land being Georgia. And I have a particular fondness for Atlanta. I wanted to put something in the game to represent.
Fish: It is a lovely shout out to your home town.
Peaches: Someone actually found my email address somehow and emailed me to ask if I would be alright with them getting this as a tattoo.
Fish: Wow! I had the same thing happen to me with one of my drawings of a dog with a cigarette. What did you say?
Peaches: I said "GO FOR THE GOLD" as long as they sent me pictures of the aftermath. I mean, I can't really stop them right?
Fish: Technically, no.

Fish: Your tattoos are a favorite of all the kids I've played Rock Band with. Do you know you have an elementary school following?
Peaches: This is something of which I was definitely unaware.

Do you have Rock Band characters ensconced in stickers or tattoos of Peaches' kitchen devices? Share your stories & links to character photos in the comments.