Making Publicity Artwork

Rock Band owes its distinctive look to the cadre of talented artists who define not only the clothing, instruments, venues and shell of the game itself but also the artwork that represents the game in newspapers and magazines, on T-shirts and hats, and in many other contexts that are difficult for us to keep track of (although we’re pretty sure there hasn’t yet been an officially sanctioned Rock Band chip clip).

Artist Eliot Min was psyched to have the chance to work on some of these illustrations during the brief production lull between Rock Band and Rock Band 2.  “We were asked to come up with some drawings that could be used in a variety of contexts,” he says.  “I was trained as an illustrator, and I really missed doing that kind of work, so I put a lot of effort into them.” 

Min created a set of four vividly detailed setpieces that showed bands in frenzied performance.  “I have to admit that when I started playing Rock Band, I got really into it.  I’d seen guys playtesting Guitar Hero 2 and they were sort of thrashing out occasionally, and that really bled into my playing of Rock Band – I always end up kicking something over. So I wanted these PR images to have that same energy.  I wanted the figures to be really going crazy, to the point where it’s almost unreal.”

He points to a drawing of an entire band held aloft by a crowd.  “If you look closely at the drummer in this picture, you’ll see that he’s actually being held up by the crowd as he plays.  Totally impossible, but I think it conveys the energy of the game.”