Killer Queen! British Rock Royalty Hit Rock Band with a Mighty Ten-Pack

As their fans well know, Queen was never a band that did anything by half. And a larger than life band can only be served by a larger than life DLC package: Not a mere three-pack but a full ten songs, every one a classic hit and a milestone of the band’s regal career.

Be amazed once again at the amount of musical styles these four guys pulled off in one career. You want bone-crunching rock? They got it, on “Tie Your Mother Down” and “One Vision”. You want a decadent epic? “Fat Bottomed Girls” is about as decadent as epics get. Wanna shake your booty? “Another One Bites the Dust” will do the trick. Prefer something more sensitive? Try “Somebody to Love” and get into the gospel vibe. And that’s not mentioning their swings intro power pop (“I Want to Break Free”), glam rock (“Killer Queen”), and rockabilly (“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”). And of course “Under Pressure,” the David Bowie collaboration that ushered in the era of superstar duets.

If ever a band deserved the full Rock Band treatment, this is the one. After all, you’re not just copying any old singer. You’re being Freddie Mercury, so be ready to dazzle. The guitar parts come from Brian May, whose power chords and flashy solos were something to behold. And drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon comprised one of the great rhythm sections, whether they were locking into a dance rhythm or going wild—We swear that Taylor must have envisioned this game when he played those mad fills.

The Queen legacy continued recently with their teaming with singer Paul Rodgers, resulting in sold-out tours and the recent CD The Cosmos Rocks.  But we’re proud to roll out the vintage Queen, still as killer as ever.

The songs will be available on Xbox 360 and Wii on October 20th and PlayStation 3 October 22nd.