Rancid DLC Three-Pack

So you’re getting into a conquer-the-world kind of mood? Then we have to recommend playing “Last One to Die,” a brand-new song from this week’s Rancid three-pack. Taken from their most recent album Let the Dominoes Fall, the song celebrates Rancid’s longevity — and with good reason, they’ve logged nearly two decades so far — while proving that nobody writes better fist-waving anthems than these guys.

If that weren’t proof enough, the three-pack includes a pair of greatest hits: The hyper-catchy “Ruby Soho” and the ska-styled “Time Bomb,” both of which helped turn them into a platinum-selling band when first released in 1995.

A model of indie integrity, Rancid have turned down truckloads of lucrative major-label offers and stayed with the punk-friendly Epitaph label, founded by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz (who also worked on Rancid’s latest album). Along the way they crossed paths with just about everybody, including Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong who was their guitarist for just one show. They also played at the Ramones’ final show, and Rancid founder Tim Armstrong, who runs the Hellcat label, released albums by another of his heroes, the Clash’s Joe Strummer. But they say they’ve always put the music and friendship first and the business far behind; a punk attitude if there ever was one.