Rock Band 3 New Features: Setlist Battles

As you might expect, Rock Band 3's Music Library is the place to play songs and view song leaderboards. But it's also the access hub for setlists, which have been greatly expanded this time out. Not only can you build setlists for instant play, you can also save them in a variety of ways:

  • Save Locally. This is the simplest way of saving a setlist - just put your perfect mix together and save it to your memory device for playing now or later. You can even write a name and description for your setlist, as well as create some custom art for it!
  • Save and Share. This option does everything the local save does, except it also shares the setlist with your friends! You can toggle the sharing on and off at any point. In fact, should you decide that you'd like to share a setlist that you initially saved locally with your friends, you can do so in the same way.
  • Save as Battle. Saving your setlist as a battle allows you to compete with your friends for the best setlist score on the instrument of your choice.  It's a lot like Rock Band 2's Battle of the Bands, which allowed players to play in short-term competitions on setlists created by Harmonix - except that, with Rock Band 3, the ability to create a battle is open to anyone!

Battles creation

The Music Library provides access to all the setlists and battles you've saved, as well as ones your friends (including Harmonix!) have made for you. You'll definitely want to check back often because the Library will be constantly refreshed with new setlists and battles to play.  

When you create a battle, you'll specify the instrument on which the battle is to be played (or "Band," which allows for competition on any combination of instruments) as well as how long the battle should last (one day, three days, a week or two weeks).  

Saving your Battle

Once you've confirmed your battle's details, it will be announced to your friends, who can view its details in the Music Library. At this point, you and your friends can try for the best possible score. You can play as many times as you want within the battle's period of availability - the battle leaderboard always keeps track of your best score. At the end of the battle, the player with the best score is declared the winner, and all participants can view the battle leaderboard to see how things shook out in the end.

In addition, if you link your account to the game after Rock Band 3 is released, you'll be able to access special web-only setlist features. Specifically, you'll be able to create, save and share setlists from There's no need to be at your game console - once you create your setlist or battle on the web, it'll be waiting for you when you start up the game!

What's more, will offer expanded options for sharing your setlists. Not only will you be able to share a setlist or battle you've created with your console friends, you can open it up to the public via a dedicated battle web page. If you share the address of this web page with other folks, they'll be able to opt into the battle (assuming they have the same console as you). You'll also be able to view the current leaderboard standings for the battle from this web page.

Check out the exclusive sneak peek video of setlist battle creation on the new Rock Band 3 website (coming soon!) below.

As you can see, there’s a ton of ways to create and interact with setlists in Rock Band 3. We're looking forward to seeing the creative setlists that you come up with!


Again, how do we see all battles not just the top ten or most popular?

Thats A good question. If anyone knows please post in comment area. (Original question-how do I see all the battles not just the top 10?