Rock Band 3 New Features: New Website

As Harmonix Web Director since before the birth of Rock Band 2, I’m exceptionally proud to have had the opportunity to lead the team that brought you the you all know and love. But with the launch of Rock Band 3 just one week away, I’m absolutely thrilled to reveal what we’ve been working on to complement what is undoubtedly the most epic music game ever. 

Over the past few months we’ve been revealing more details of Rock Band 3 to you through a series of developer blog posts by Sylvain and Brian, Rock Band 3 designers - but now it’s time for us to put ourselves in the spotlight and give you a sneak peek at our most ambitious project ever - the brand new!

The new will launch when Rock Band 3 does, and it has been completely redesigned to give players more insight into their Rock Band 3 gameplay, more ways to share their Rock Band 3 accomplishments with the world, and a place to get all the latest news and interact with other players. We have a slew of new features on the website, and we can’t wait for all of you to see it. Here’s a quick glimpse at what’s to come:

Brand new homepage

See the latest DLC news and stories from around on the homepage, plus check out Rock Band 3 activity going on in real-time with our brand new activity feed. Looking to see if a band is in Rock Band? Now there’s a song search right on the homepage. Take a peek at the new homepage above.

Activity Feed

Ever wished you could show off how awesome you are at Rock Band? With the new features on, now you can. When you link your account to your Rock Band 3 game, your gameplay achievements and accomplishments will be published to your personal “My Gameplay” page on Your friends can see it, and you can share your activity with friends on Facebook, Twitter, other social networks, or by email. Plus, you can even auto-publish your top performances of the day to Facebook, letting your friends know you’re rockin’ “Bohemian Rhapsody” on Expert Pro Keys – without even having to visit the site.

Activity Feed

Setlist Battles creation and sharing

As we covered before, Rock Band 3’s setlist and battles features are also accessible from And when you use to create your setlists and battles, you can share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, other social networks, and email. Create your setlist at work and it’ll be available on your console when you get home.


Rock Band 3 features hundreds of goals for players to accomplish – small victories like hitting a 100 note streak, getting a certain percentage on an Expert Pro Guitar song, or playing three specific songs – and to help you manage your goals, we’ve integrated them into your profile. Log in to (or sign up if you’re not yet a member!) and link your Rock Band 3 account to your account. You’ll be able to visit your personal profile to track your career progress as well as your progress on goals. 

Your Rock Band 3 Goals on


With the Rock Band Music Library now over 2,000 songs, we knew we needed a way to let you search and browse the library in new ways, just like you can in Rock Band 3. With our new Song Finder, narrow your search by difficulty, genre, decade, Pro compatibility, and more. Instantly see if the song you want to buy has Pro Guitar or Keys parts. Browse the Songs homepage to see the latest DLC and latest Rock Band Network tracks, not to mention recommended Favorites from Harmonix employees. You can also check out the latest artist interviews, DLC news, and more right on the Songs homepage.

New Song Finder on

Old Favorites Get a Makeover

The ‘Zine - your source of all things around the Rock Band world - is now simply called the Blog. We’ll still bring you exclusive artist interviews, community road stories, DLC news, and more, just under a new name, and streamlined for easier browsing. Blog posts will also make appearances around the site, letting you get your Rock Band news where you want it. Looking for DLC news? You can hit the Blog or the Songs page. Looking for the latest game announcements? The Blog will have it, but so will the Games page. 

Wondering about everyone’s favorite email newsletter? Well, that’s not going anywhere, and it’s still called The Community ‘Zine – we’re all happy about ending that little bit of naming confusion.The Community homepage has a brand new look and is now your go-to spot for everything Community-related - the podcast, the newsletter (which is now archived on for your reading pleasure!), the latest Community posts from the Blog, and handy links to our Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts. 

The Forums will still have all of your old threads and posts, but will have a shiny new look and may hold some surprises in the coming weeks.

The Rock Band Network homepage also has a new look, featuring a monthly featured artist, RBN playlists from Network Insiders, the latest news from the RBN, and of course, the latest RBN songs to hit the Music Store.

Our new online Support section has a nifty new interactive menu letting you narrow your search by game, hardware, DLC, or the website. Find the answer to your question faster, and get back to rocking.

We hope you like what you see come Rock Band 3 release day. As Rock Band players ourselves, the Harmonix Web Team is pretty excited about the new features, and we hope you are too!



Yeah, I wish they had the Photocreator back. Also, the Activity Feed sucks. I don't want the world to know that I bombed some stupid song. The stat tracking is also screwy. Most Played Genre and Scores Highest On are very skewed stats because there are just so many more "Generic Rock" songs, as well as songs with only legacy parts, available. We should have been able to choose our favorite genre and instrument.


The site is ok, I do like the old site were it show DLC videos. So when are you guys going to fix the Lego Rock Band export. As a consumer its horriable that Rock Band web is taking you guys awhile just to resolve the issue and solution. Why not create and update on game it self and just charger to export the songs, please advice? Thank you, your #1 FAN.

The new site seems to load a *lot* faster, too. One thing I'm missing so far though, is the ability to preview a song. I hope this will eventually be implemented into the website again, I thought that was a really great idea. It's weird to see the site get so streamlined, but it's a lot less confusing now, to be sure. Good job so far, guys! And RB3 is fantastic! Start loading us up with pro key DLC, 'kay? : )

rockband 3 best music game ever made great job guys

Great Job! The new website looks AWESOME and seems more user friendly. This should bring some of the old people back to