Two Epic Queen Packs, Featuring Harmonies, Keys and Pro Guitar, Are Available for Rock Band 3 Today!

Beginning today, Queen fans can “have it all” with Rock Band 3 through two mega packs featuring the band’s greatest hits. To help spread the word, check out this Queen trailer, which features live footage of the band performing “Bohemian Rhapsody”!

As we announced last week, Queen RB3 Enhanced Pack features updated Rock Band 3 versions of “I Want It All,” “I Want to Break Free,” “Killer Queen,” “One Vision,” “Somebody to Love” and “Under Pressure,” as well as optional Pro Guitar/Pro Bass additions for those tracks. Queen Extravaganza Pack 01 features Rock Band 3 versions of “We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You,” which originally appeared in LEGO Rock Band, as well as “Hammer to Fall,” “Keep Yourself Alive,” “Now I’m Here,” “Tenement Funster” and “Play the Game,” which are new to Rock Band and also feature Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrades. Check out all the details here.

Buy Queen RB3 Enhanced Pack for Xbox (Visit the Rock Band 3 Music Store on your console to buy the pack for Wii or PlayStation 3!)
Buy Queen Extravaganza Pack 01 for Xbox (Visit the Rock Band 3 Music Store on your console to buy the pack for Wii or PlayStation 3!)


I think, and I think many other people think, since I am a avid fan of the queen, they should do a rock band with all, and I repeat ALL, of Queen songs: After The Beatles Rock Band, Rock Band to QUEEN! !

blah blah blah dont play games you cant aFFord rb rb2 rb3 are the ONLY games i own, but i have two of the old 5 button fake guitars,2 madcatz fender mustang pros, the rb3 keyboard + a 5 octave midi controller keyboard i got 3 of the midi pro adapters on the way, I got the rb PRO drumkit with two kickers and a hi-hat pedal, a surround sound system including self powered studio monitor speakers, 3 rb mics so 2 people can do backups and harmony mode, and i already pre-ordered two SQUIRE guitar controllers through bestbuy, i got guitar stands, mic stands blah blah mothaflufferin blah blah LoL, HarmoniX is awesome, this isnt even a game anymore, i would have sold my soul for this 16 years ago when i first picked up a guitar, i would have sold my soul for this rofl, now i just empty my wallet but you know what? its worth every penny Just like Every 3 dollar pro mode track I uhmmmm if you cant afford i heard guitar hero made another 5 button thing that has fold out wings....sorry i'm such an arrogant jerk BUT I LOVE THIS SHIZ, its got my 6 year old playin the ramones FOR REAL....thats priceless.... And for anyone who thinks i'm BSin about my setup i willo have pics on my profile within the next few days... thanx again harmonix glad your independent again guys, i work for myself as well, nothing beats it.

Queen is good. It's that simple. These packs bring a lot of fun. Finally, Queen fans can play these songs for real. Thanks HMX.

I'm happy with these songs but i have to ask. WHERE IS RADIO GA GA? That might be queen's best song. Don't stop me now would also be nice. But if you could somehow get the Live Aid version of Radio Ga Ga I believe my life would then be complete.

this could have been much better, Don't Stop Me Now should have benn there. No RB3 Editions just put upgrades on the original

and what about "Don't Stop Me Now"? That's one of Queen's best tracks.

How could this have been done better? Upgrades instead of RB3 versions. Come on, guys, get it together.

Agreed, I bought Queen once, I won't be buying again. Sad sad sad money grab. This along with the cost of exporting RB2 songs which we've already paid for? Pretty insulting to your loyal customers. Those of us who have spent hundreds on this game (I have like 180 DLC songs!) shouldn't be taken advantage of for a few more bucks!

I cannot believe I have to buy AGAIN this collection, only because there is no UPGRADE option... So, I have to wait for RB4 to buy packs or singles and don't have any surprise like this ones...

I've already have the Queen songs. It's a shame that there is no option to upgrade for A FEE (Sorry, no conusion with free) from previous purchases. I have to pay AGAIN for them, only to have keyboards. Not a good move for the loyal RB fans.

btw I spent about 30 Euro for all songs and all upgrades. I you go on like this, there aren't gonna be any Xmas presents for my wife ^^

awesome trailer, dudes

HMX, thanks not only for the packs, which are highly awesome, but thanks for going 1 step beyond... Including Pro Guitar / Pro Bass on ALL Tracks :) That made this instant buy for both packs. :) Here's to the same for Bon Jovi and your next track packs! This one rocks!

Pure genius!

absolutely amazing.......hmx you blew my mind with such tasty licks.......