RBN Artist of the Month: August 2011 – August Burns Red

This month's Rock Band Network Artist of the Month is August Burns Red! The band has one song in RBN right now - "Mariana's Trench" - in both standard and double bass pedal versions, and they're bringing another song - "Internal Cannon" to RBN shortly! We talked to JB Brubaker at this year's Warped Tour and we had bassist Dustin Davison answer some questions for us. Read on for the interview, and check out "Mariana's Trench" in Rock Band!

Harmonix: "Marianas Trench is in Rock Band. Have you played it? Can you tell us a bit about this song?

Dustin Davison: I actually haven't played it in Rock Band yet. All of my friends have and they're already making claims like "I bet I can beat you on your own song!" To which I would reply "Yes, you probably can." "Marianas Trench" is a bit different from the other songs on the record. We never really used clean guitars in a song like that before. It also has a key change in the middle of the song which is something that we typically don't do often. So, "Marianas Trench" really stands out amongst our other songs.

HMX: How have fans reacted to finding you in Rock Band?

DD: Just like with my friends, I've had a lot of fans challenge me and if we had Rock Band at the show I'd love to take them on! I'm almost positive they would beat me.

HMX: What other track do you think would play well in Rock Band?

DD: I think the song "Pangaea" from our new record would be a great track for Rock Band. It's a very technical song in general and I think that would make it a fun gameplay experience.

HMX: When you’re on the road, what’s in your tour survival kit?

DD: Besides my shower supplies and toiletries, definitely my computer, exercise equipment, iPod, and video games.

HMX: How do you feel about utilizing video games as a medium for discovering new music?

DD: I love it, I feel like it's a great launchpad for bands. Kids hear the songs on the video games, play them on Rock Band, the songs get stuck in their head, and maybe they go out and support the band by purchasing their music.

HMX: Would any of the members of the band consider themselves gamers? What do you all play?

DD: I am definitely a gamer. When I'm at home I'm constantly playing Call of Duty online with my friends. I've definitely had sessions where I've been glued to my couch for over 4 hours at a time playing that game!

HMX: You’re currently on the Warped Tour - what is your favorite band on the tour right now?

DD: Against Me! I love their music so much and they sound amazing every single day!

HMX: Best city you’ve played on Warped?

DD: Houston was definitely one of the best shows so far. The crowd was ginormous!

HMX: Best meal from the Warped catering?

DD: THANKSGIVING DINNER! Holy crap, I freaked out when they served it!

HMX: Converge, Carcass or The Clash?

DD: The Clash.

For more info on August Burns Red, visit their official site, become a fan on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.


ABR is my favorite band and i would love to see them on PS3 too. I was hurt when mariana's trench didnt make the jump over to PS3. Can't wait for internal cannon and would love to see some more of their old stuff on here like composure or back burner!

ONSLAUGHT_209 I hear yeah we need them on ps3 ASAP

Indeed they are good, and the one song they have out is AMAZING.... one question, how are they the BAND OF THE MONTH but yet... THEY ARENT ON PS3 YET?!?! seriously ps3 needs more good songs and great bands like this!

ABR is the most deserving band to be featured as the artist of the month. I'm stoked they're putting Internal Cannon on RBN, but I hope they put more on in the future, just saw them at Warped Tour in Orlando, so good!