RBN Artist of the Month: January 2011 – A Day To Remember

Ocala, Florida band A Day To Remember is no stranger to the Rock Band Network - their tracks "Have Faith In Me" and "I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?" are fan favorites, as well as having "The Downfall of Us All" as DLC.

The band's latest album, What Separates Me From You hit stores in November, and today they release two tracks from it in the Rock Band Network - hit single "All I Want" and "It's Complicated."

With a new record, new tracks in Rock Band, and a new tour, we chose A Day To Remember as our first RBN Artist of the Month of 2011. Be sure to check out the A Day To Remember artist page for a peek at the brand new video for "All I Want" and watch our exclusive interview with the band when they stopped by the House of Blues in Boston.


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How 'bout u go with wii. doesn't have any problems. plus u can hack it even with updates

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Attention, anyone who owns a PS3 should throw that thing out the damn window, you're better off not having a system that has harldy any online support and mediocre games (at best). Anyways, I'm glad to see more ADTR to come onto Rock Band, but let's try getting some of their better tracks for download, shall we? Like "You Should Have Killed Me When," "You Had Me At Hello," "Monument," and "The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle." Just saying Harmonix, just saying.

I don't really know why you guys are complaining. LTHEHITMANC3 i dont kow where you got your facts, but there are way more people who play xbox rather than the PS3 unless you includeing japan, lol. But seriously if you want these songs so bad go trade in your Wii and PS3 for a real system like the 360 which has always been better...wasting your moms money on junk you all should be ashamed of yourselves...GO XBOX WHOOOO!!!

Nice! i Love the addition. Now all we need is some Fall of Troy and more Devil wears prada. enough with all these week dlc's of easy to play classic rock. can we get some real or hard rock throwin our way. I know you guys are boosting the keyboard library so to speak but theres plenty of hard rock with keyboard hence the devil wears prada!!!

Its cause no one cares about the Wii.

Wii users get cut out of more stuff than PS3, I wouldn't be complaining if I were you. I wish Rock Band would be equal for all! I don't care much for this band, but I'm particularly pissed off still from how a week or two ago that Wii was excluded from that Rock Band Free Pack consisting of HMX's band's songs from RB2. I know it's a problem with Nintendo not wanting to put up free stuff, but can't they conform around that? Make a pack just for us where we'll get charged for it? Paying for something is far better than getting completely excluded.

Seriously Harmonix. Please, put these songs on PS3. There are more users that play Rockband on PS3 than on Xbox and we all know that. I hate when I am trying to find a song from one of my favorite bands but, when I look they are not there because they are only on Xbox. Why do PS3 users always get cut out of everything?

I'm getting tired of Xbox getting all the songs. A lot of the songs I want, Xbox has it. That's not fair at all,

ADTR rule!

Sticks & Bricks, 2nd Sucks, and since 2nd sucks is a short song, throw in You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic. Got it? Thanks

Finally! It's about time that "All I Want" became DLC. Love that song. Can't wait to drum to it!

I want it so bad, too bad i have to wait till who-knows-when cause im a ps3 user.

All i want, is all the ADTR DLC's for my ps3 .--.

I agree. Sticks and Bricks and 2nd Sucks would have been better. That Sonic song is decent, too.

this is soooo awesome :) Now they just need to bring out sticks & bricks and 2nd sucks