Underground Creators' Picks

Ask any of us RBN authors about the beta days and you'll get some interesting reactions. Lots of cursing the site's hiccups and hushed mumblings about some Nord creature. But also a lot of excitement! We had to playtest dozens of songs most of us had never heard before, which made for a lot of discovery.

So we had a discussion. What were the songs that we, as authors, were glad to finally be able to play for reals? I asked around and got statements that could be used against us in a court of law. The rules were simple: we didn't pick any song that we felt would be really popular without our help, and we tried not to pick songs we worked on. So if you've still got points left over after all your Conchords and your Camaros and whatnot, here's what the RBN community suggests:

Alias Unknown - Top Back
S1ckH4nds: "What better way to kick off the launch of the RBN than with busting down some genre doors?"

You Shriek - No Heroes
Markleford: "...what keeps me coming back again and again is the BASS. It is quite simply my favorite bassline amongst all RB tracks up to this point. They've totally captured the feel of the classic helicopter alternate picking technique in a true rhythm role, churning out the 16th notes with fun internal syncopation patterns in a manner similar to darkwave/alternagoth faves from the old school (a bit of The Cure in there, perhaps?). I've played bass in bands, and this is closest that I've felt to that within the confines of a 'simulation'."

James William Roy - Paper Valentines
FairwoodStudios: "There haven't been enough songs to make me run off and buy the album, but this one (and the fact that it's rather cheap online) changed that. It's not a monstrously hard song, it's not going to leave anyone limping or clutching their hands, but it's not supposed to. It sounds enjoyable and plays enjoyably, and doesn't try to be anything else."

Children of Nova - The Complexity of Light
Xenigma: "Epic song, amazing charts across all parts, two guitar solos, a drum solo, one of the highest Vocal notes in RB's just too awesome!"

Pink Flag - Nancy Drew
FairwoodStudios: "This one took a while to grow on me. The first play was over before it really began, and it took a few more rounds for it to really click. Then a few more to get the drum parts down. By then I was coming to like the low-fi, stripped-down sort of sound- nothing fancy, nothing distracting."

Zack Wilson - Moonshine Hollar
TheFuture15: "Did your grandfather ever think a sack of 'taters was your dead grandmother? Me neither. Moonshine Hollar will get your entire band laughing at your TV as you jam along with timeless lyrics that tell the tale of the life and times of a poverty-stricken deep-south rural family. The fast paced and frantic nature of Moonshine Hollar, driven by a powerful train-shuffle drum beat, will get everyone tapping their feet and nodding their head for a modern day hoedown."

Color Theory - If Not Now When
OzoneEntertainment: "A stand-out track with its unique electronic sound. Charting synth and piano to guitar really feels good with this track and the whole song surrounds you in a mystifying atmosphere."

Wounded Soul - Rx
noble: "Metal! Moar Metal! You can never go wrong with a kick ass metal song...and having female vocals is only icing on the cake!"

Not enough? Now you're just being greedy. That's not good for you, y'know. Fortunately there's over 150 RBN songs, and for every one you recognize there's bound to be another you'll come to love!

RBN songs are available for the Xbox 360. Pricing varies. Click here for a full list of songs available for RBN.