RBN Highlights 1

Rock Band Network songs with keys and harmonies are hitting the store! What are the best songs released so far on RBN 2.0? In the RBN Highlights series, members of Harmonix and the RBN Community recommend their personal favorites from recently-released songs on the Rock Band Network.

"Blue (Da Ba Dee)" - Eiffel 65
This song got the honor of being the first song released through RBN 2.0, and what a treat it is! Chances are you are already familiar with this catchy piece of Europop, but you may wonder what makes it a great Rock Band track. The answer is simple: keys! While the guitar and bass handle synths, the keys player gets the awesome piano line. It's not too complicated, but it's a blast to play. Beyond that, it's just a great party song, so it's highly recommended if you plan on playing with friends. - Xenigma, RBN Community

"Airbrushed" - Anamanaguchi
I'm a sucker for driven, bouncy, happy-happy pep music. It's no surprise that I've become a sucker for this song. The liveliness of Airbrushed makes for some really fun charts that make you jump like a little kid again no matter your instrument (drummers especially are in for a workout). I would say that the lack of vocals may cause some to turn away, but really, that just means you get to dance and bop more than anyone else. - DavyinaToga, RBN Community

RB3 versions: "Buried Cold (RB3 version)" - Rose of Jericho and "Africa (RB3 version)" - Quartered
One's a sultry rock song featured in the RBN Megamix 01. The other's a awesomely haunting prog metal piece. Both were fantastic releases that only crazy people never bought. And both are even cooler this time around, with new additions for everyone: Pro drums, harmonies, and keys! To anyone who has the original versions, you should get these songs! If anybody doesn't have the original versions and refuses to buy these, then they don't know good RB songs from a wet noodle. - DavyinaToga, RBN Community

"Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You)" - Parry Gripp
"Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You)" is, without a doubt, one of the most important songs to ever hit Rock Band. I’ve probably listened to it more than any other song in our library, and you can almost always hear it playing from at least one desk in the Community Pit. This is what it sounds like when Spaghetti Cats cry. - HMXHenry, Community Manager

No one appreciates absurdity and the Internet in quite the same way as Parry Gripp. Try this crazy, catchy little song out on pro keys - you'll have the central riff memorized in no time (not to mention the sung chorus) and then you can drive everyone else in the house mad by playing it over and over on your pocket stylophone. Fun for the whole family! - HMXLachesis, RBN Associate Producer

"The Curse" - Amberian Dawn
Savagely difficult guitar solos. Frenzied drums. Soaring vocals. What could make Amberian Dawn better suited for hardcore Rock Band players? That would be... keys and harmonies. Well, RBN 2.0 is here, so keys and harmonies, meet Amberian Dawn; Amberian Dawn, meet keys and harmonies. Between prominent, intense chords and a crazy arpeggiated solo, this is a fantastic song to play on keys, and it has all the other crazy goodness listed above. - HMXLachesis, RBN Associate Producer

"Veil of Illumination (Part 1)" and "Veil of Illumination (Part 2)" - Andromeda
If you're like me, you've wanted to play a long progressive metal song in Rock Band. The two tracks by Dream Theater currently available are a nice taste, but they make me wonder what it's like to play a song that goes well past the ten-minute mark. Enter Andromeda's 17-minute epic "Veil of Illumination". Though it had to be broken up into two parts for RBN, it's an experience that can't be missed. Beyond being an amazing song, every single part is incredibly fun to play. Just be sure to keep no-fail on: it's an incredibly intense ride, especially for Keys players. - Xenigma, RBN Community

"Chameleon Carneval" - Andromeda
This song might have a reputation for being balls-to-the-wall difficult (and it is, especially on keys!), but it's also a highly catchy and melodic instrumental piece. The guitar chart has tons of variety: HOPO chains, fast strumming, interesting chord progressions and insane shredding. The other instruments are also fantastic to play, there's a lively bassline with lots of movement, complex drums patterns and a finger-blistering keyboard part that are still fun to play despite the difficulty. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

"Slaughterhouse, Obituaries and a Love Story" - Arcadia
I was drawn to this song by the two brief Italian sections, as songs with foreign language lyrics intrigue me. The rest of the song definitely did not disappoint. The vocals are generally easy on this one, but has some really fast talkie parts, which is something I really like. Bass starts off constantly moving; it's the kind of constant HOPO fretting that makes for a really fun bass part, and it hardly lets up. Guitar's about the same too, near-constant HOPO fretting that's pretty fun to play if you can nail it. Definitely a good song for getting your in-game HOPO goals knocked out. Oh yeah, it's also pretty fun on drums, but watch out for the fast rolls and the Italian sections, as they'll throw you for a loop if you're not that great on drums. Even if you're not, you'll find it a pretty fun song. - Arcanon, RBN Community

"Andromeda" - Bluefusion
This is probably their easiest song ever...on keys and vocals. On everything else, especially drums, this song is insane. Some really insane technical stuff is done on drums, including a sweet drum solo after the first guitar solo is through. Don't be fooled by that first guitar solo if you're a seasoned guitarist...halfway through the second solo there are FAST triplet sweeps that you may wanna save some OD for. Once you're through that, all that's left is for two vocalists to close the song off with some commentary and whooping. Yep. This is a must-buy. - Arcanon, RBN Community

"Half Crazy" - Jukebox the Ghost
I've heard this song before. I know it. I don't know where or when or how, but it's just too familiar. Maybe it was used in some lighthearted, summery movie; it would definitely fit on the soundtrack. But I recommend it mostly because it's top-tier keys and it's not new wave or prog metal. Always nice to have a change of pace. - Fairwood Studios, RBN Community