RBN Highlights 10

Insiders from the Rock Band Network community call out the best releases of the last two weeks for your attention. Recommendations include the exotic prog rock of Myrath, the Beatles-reminiscent "So Let Us Create" from Jukebox the Ghost, and the lung-challenging "Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)" from Paul and Storm.

Myrath - "Madness"
It seems like each Prog song that comes out features some cool new thing that I haven't seen before. In the case of "Madness" that thing is an awesome flute solo for the guitar player, kind of like the harmonica charting from "Clint Eastwood" but with a cool Middle Eastern flair. There's no shortage of guitar, keys, and drums soloing beyond that, with plenty of fun for the other instruments to spare. Be sure to download this if the preview at all interests you, because the full song will not disappoint. - Xenigma, RBN Community

Jukebox the Ghost - "So Let Us Create"
This song is so damn good. Reminding me of the best tracks of both Queen and the Beatles, this is just a really somber, quiet piece, but I can't help smiling when I play it. If you're looking for something to rock out to, or shred you plastic guitar into its component parts, than this is definitely not the song you're looking for. However if you want a fantastically written song, that as soon as you hear it you swear you've heard it before (that's the Queen and Beatles influence I was talking about earlier) whose lyrics will stick with you long after the song is over, then I can't recommend this song enough. - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN Community

Conflicted - "Victor(ia)"
Remember when I was saying you'll need to find another song to shred out to? This is that song. If you play this song on guitar or keys it can and will break your fingers, cramp your wrists, and laugh at the bloody stumps it leaves behind. Now if this song was just l33t skillz difficult than I wouldn't be recommending it. The song itself is pretty fun to listen to as well, and it's rare to find a high tiered song that doesn't sound like a grizzly bear elbow dropping a chainsaw through a tin shed. - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN Community

"Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)" - Paul and Storm
How can I best describe this song? You know those huge ballads movies have that end up winning a ton of film awards, even though the only place it ever showed up was the end credits, making its whole inclusion look like a pitiful attempt to Oscar-bait? This song's kinda like that (which reminds me, why the hell don't we have Celine Dion yet?). In "Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)," Paul and Storm strap on their heartwings as they put the "power" back in "power ballad," with tricky guitar solos, sweet keys that switch from piano to organ and back again, and harmonies done the way only Paul and Storm can do them. Speaking of harmonies, the song includes a truly epic vocal breakdown in the middle, which would make obtaining the cherished full combo more difficult as it would require you to suppress the urge to tell your two friends, "Dude, we just totally nailed that!" The harmonies also include a 39-second hum, so whoever is called upon to sing the yellow tube, have your oxygen tank ready. You do have an oxygen tank, right? - HauntingYourKids, RBN Community

IDLEMINE - "Glamour Life"
Calling this song rap is like calling Run DMC's "Walk This Way" rap. It's way more rock than rap, and the opposite is not usually a bad thing, but this song is so much more suited for the game Rock Band than a typical rap song. Buy it if you liked the recent P.O.D. songs (and when are we going to get more songs from these guys?) - NoThru22, RBN Community

Blue Water Dance - "Making Love (To a Foreign Woman While Reading Time Magazine"
On drums, this song has a surprising mix of toms and cymbals, but in a great way. It really takes advantage of the pro drums kit. Also, if you're scared to play this kind of music because it's mostly devil signs, this song is nice and mellow in most places. Highly recommended. - NoThru22, RBN Community

Haunted By Heroes - "Rock Me Roxy"
Haunted By Heroes is a band of 10-year old kids. Some people would dismiss a band of 10-year old kids on age alone. Those people would be missing out big-time here. HxH channels pure arena-rock energy to create one headbanger of a track with fun instruments, an awesome guitar solo and rockin' harmonies that you wouldn't expect to hear from musicians of this age. This is not little-kid music...this is rock and roll as it was meant to be done. - Arcanon, RBN Community

Halcyon Way - "The Age of Betrayal"
It is ridiculous that this track is only a dollar. It uses up most song's awesomeness quotients on drums BEFORE the drum solo even starts. I am now looking forward to all of this group's entries into the RBN. - NoThru22, RBN Community

Devin Townsend - "Hyperdrive"
"Hyperdrive" is the one song off of the Ziltoid the Omniscient album that I was looking forward to the most. It's an easy track overall, though the guitar sounds really cool here. Also, this song is such a blast to sing. I have no idea why, but it is. I bought it, sang it, FCed it, and then sang it again. It's up there on my list of favorite songs to sing on RB. - Arcanon, RBN Community

Askari Nari - "Genuine Penguin"
Askari Nari continues his invasion of RBN with "Genuine Penguin" from his album Cesspool X: Fight Back. If you've played the previous three Askari Nari tracks, don't expect the same kind of sound here; this song is less abrasive than "Cluster #2" or "Reviving a Dead Language" and faster-paced than "Mercury Blooming." Keys are where this track shines, with the majority of the song being descending patterns. If you're not ready for the much-faster keys solo, prepare to fail out. The other instruments are pretty fun too, so go ahead and pick this one up. - Arcanon, RBN Community