RBN Highlights 11

In today's RBN Highlights, Rock Band Network insiders recommend their favorite songs from the last 3 weeks of RBN DLC on Xbox 360.

Rotting Christ - "Fire Death and Fear"
This song is pretty boss. Right from the start it hits you with a fast guitar and bass riff and some technical drumming before the drums cool down and the guitar launches into a really fun solo. It’s a really active song with some really cool guitar riffs, and though this type of music usually isn’t at the front of my personal rotation of songs, I really dig this track, and recommend you pick it up. You’ll have a blast with it. - Arcanon, RBN Community

Arch Enemy - "Nemesis"
You'll most likely recognize this metal monstrosity from a previous music game's set list. And if you've never played said game, then you're in for a treat with this one. Just an awesome metal tune, that will most likely end up in shattering your wrists and turning your plastic instruments into merry puddles of melted plastic. So if you want a challenge, AND a good song to go along with it, then look no further! - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN Community

Freen in Green - "Ramp Truck (RB3 version)"
Another RB3 version? Yes, and a totally worth it one too. Freen in Green’s amazingly awesome “Ramp Truck” has been revamped with keys, harmonies and Pro Drums, making an already awesome song even more awesome. Did I mention it’s awesome? If you’ve played the original, you should already know how fun this song is and pick up the upgrade for the new features. If you haven’t picked up the original, now is the time to grab this epic song for only 80 MSP, a complete steal! - Arcanon, RBN Community

Moving Picture Show - "A Bridge That Will Burn"
I had never heard of this song before the first time I tested it. However it immediately got stock in my head, and I've since purchased it for my growing iTunes and Rock Band collection. Just a catchy as hell tune that while not for the difficulty chasers, will still give you hours of fun both in the game and out of it. - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN Community

DJ Raptorz - "He's Our Savior"
Raptor Jesus, Raptor Jesus, Raptor Jesus, He is back! That’s all you need to know right there; the song is a celebratory triumph of the Velocirapture. Drums are mostly basic except for two double-bass parts that will murder you if you get the 2x Bass Pedal version, and bass is all right, but keys and vocals are where this track shines. Keys are mostly simple chords up until the solo, which will absolutely humble the better Pro Keys players out there, and the vocals speak of the return of Raptor Jesus, which is enough to make it awesome. If you’ve ever wanted to sing “Lulz” in Rock Band, grab this track now. - Arcanon, RBN Community

Go Radio - "Any Other Heart"
Not the most difficult song in the world, but difficult enough to keep you entertained. This catchy pop rock offering will be stuck in your head from the first time you play it. While I'm not a fan of pop rock much, this one was really enjoyable, and one of my favourites from the past couple of weeks. - zemanator1, RBN Community

Parry Gripp - "Space Unicorn"
Yes, it's a novelty song. Yes, it's short. Yes, when it pops up in a random setlist at your Rock Band party, most people will raise their eyebrow at you and question your masculinity. Despite all that, there's something about this goofy song about a unicorn from space farting rainbows all over the galaxy and saving the day that will bring a smile to your face. Pick it up and try not to smile while playing it. Can't do it. Just can't be done. - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN Community

Spinning Chain - "End of My Rope"
While this is listed under rock, this song has a very Linkin Park-esque (yeah, I know that's not a word) feel. Another relatively unknown (well, at least to me) that'll give you your money's worth if you're a fan of the earlier Linkin Park albums. - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN Community

Jenium - "Remember"
I suppose the best term for this song is "modest". It's got some challenge, but not a great deal; its hooks are catchy without being blatant and big; even the singer's British accent is subdued. These guys have a good number of tracks on the Network already, and they're all good for low-key yet memorable tracks. You just won't realize where that riff stuck in your head came from for a while. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Gary Dean Smith - "Fair Weather Friend"
One of the better songs in recent memory about being a complete, shameless jerk. There's not even some exceptional case, he's just selfish. So let's forget what he's saying and focus on what he's playing- a sort of country-soul, with a bit of funk and plenty of harmonizing. You may not notice the country if you don't look for it, but you're not gonna quite get James Brown. Then again, how often do people blend country and soul anymore? - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Alien Ant Farm – “Courage”
Yeah, I realize Alien Ant Farm isn't exactly an unknown band that needs recommendations, but I'll be the first to admit that outside of "Smooth Criminal" I never really listened to much AAF. Courage was a surprisingly strong offering, and I dare say is an overall better suited song for Rock Band than the aforementioned Smooth Criminal. Not to mention that it's damn catchy as well. - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN Community